Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Work... Schmerck

Today I was looking back to see if I had ever blogged about how miserable I was working at the radio network I worked at in 04-05. It appears I held my feelings in and didn't blab them on my blog.

Sometimes I look back at my blog to see "Is this how I was feeling when..."

Things at work are kinda rough lately. While I love the ministry and my actual position... it seems that working with other people--no matter what kind of job you're in-- is always going to be difficult.

I've always said that I couldn't imagine another place to work that would be as conducive to being pregnant as my current place of work was. This pregnancy, however, definitely has me thinking differently.

Stay-at-home-mommyhood isn't looking nearly as stressful these days as it used to...

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I don't know why I should complain...

that no one ever updates their blogs anymore. Because, well, I haven't really updated mine in 6 months, and that's fairly ridiculous. Thus, I'm starting back simply. A quick rundown of the life of Mrs. U:

1) Currently 16 weeks pregnant with U3. Had about the same amount of morning sickness as with Mia and don't feel quite as funky as I did with Vince... so my guess is girl. But God always surprises me.

2) Hypochondria back and in full force since I'm preggers again. Need to learn self help techniques or find a therapist ASAP.

3) I've been seeing a chiropractor since February. She put me on B vitamins and some other funky supplements that are supposed to make me feel better. They actually do. But I can never decide if I'm crazy for going to see a chiropractor as opposed to a doctor for my weirdo symptoms. Then again... thus far my docs have been ZERO help. At least Dr. Jamie (chiropractor) is making progress.

4) Speaking of docs, my OBGYN said she didn't want me to go much past my due date considering the size of my last baby. Mia was 8 lbs 3oz... Vince was 9 lbs 6 oz... will that make #3 like 10 lbs 9 oz??? I'd rather not be induced however, so we will be discussing this much I think.

5) Andrew and I are still loving living in a house. I feel like we should be hosting more things and having more people over. I feel a little guilty that we have so much space and I often think we're not being good enough stewards of it.

6) Speaking of the house, I have a new old roommate! Lisa has moved in for a few months whilst looking for a house to buy herself. It's neat having her around though she isn't around much. I forgot how much I liked having a girls' opinion on what I was wearing or thinking. Andrew's the bomb and all but his "that looks fine" never sits quite well with me considering what's in his closet. :)

7) Vince and Mia are ginormousauruses. They are cute and smart and cuddly. And whenever in-utero baby is making me feel odd, Mia always says "Don't worry Mommy, we'll take care of you forever!"

8) Watched a movie called "Letters to God" this weekend. It made me cry for about the entire last 30 minutes and a good 45 minutes afterwards. Very much TOO reminiscent of losing Zack when I was 19. I told Andrew he was no longer allowed to pick out movies about kids with cancer.

9) But enough about me... how are you guys??? (As if anyone still reads this old thing). :)