Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Things on My Mind

1) The baby weighs 15 lbs 15 oz. with her clothes on.

2) I don't think Andrew and I will ever be able to buy a house cuz there's no way we'll ever afford one that is as nice as the apartment we currently live in, and I'd really rather not live in an old dirty house with spiders again cuz that's not so fun and I still hate spiders.

3) I think everyone should donate to the "Send Us to Brian Regan" Fund so that we can afford to go to Brian Regan at the end of June.

4) We got free tickets to Martina McBride this past Sunday. It was a phenomenal concert. We stood out at the Salvation Army Kettle before the concert taking donations for Greensburg and we somehow got placed at the door where 3 busses of Greensburg people entered the concert. We got to talk to the pastor's wife and see some of the pictures she had taken. It was crazy.

5) Oh where is my hairbrush?

6) Shacking up... aka sleeping with the opposite sex before marriage... not having sex. What's your opinion? Is it okay or is it a bad idea?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sooo Cute!

Okay... just because I have an amazingly cute daughter now doesn't mean I can't still brag about my amazingly cute niece. Here's Avery on her 9 month birthday! Isn't she adorable??

Monday, May 21, 2007


Here's my issue: Women with large breasts and chicken wings are the main attractions of this restaurant. But you never see the chicken wings in the advertisements. So even if the patrons of this particular establishment claim to be going for the chicken wings... what drew them there in the first place? More often than not... the large breasted women. Hooters exploits and objectifies women, and I don't think people should put money into a business that builds it's entire persona on that factor.

The Things We Do When We're Young... or When We're Stupid... or Both
In pondering this weekend, and in discussions with my SIL, I've come to the conclusion that very frequently it is our faults that make us "more human". Why is it that humans as a people seem to be more comfortable being friends with someone when they know the mistakes they've made in their lives? I guess no one wants to go around thinking all their friends are perfect little angels... but it kinda sucks that our past sins are the things that make us more human to others. Shouldn't we be congratulating each other on the people we've become instead of marvelling at how bad we may have once been?

Blog Topics
So I've heard recently that a few of you are bored with my most recent blogs. It is for this reason that I'm including this snippit. There are quite a few topics that I wish to address, but I'm just not sure how to go about them most appropriately. I'll try to juice this blog up a little bit in the near future if I find the words I need.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Fr. David Linnebur

Father Linnebur, a priest of the Wichita Diocese is very very ill with cancer. He is not very old and this is a sad thing for his parishioners and all of us. Our Bishop Jackels has asked that the people of the Diocese of Wichita (but anyone can do this) pray to Jesus, through the intercession of Father Kapaun, for a miraculous cure of Father David Linnebur who is gravely ill with cancer. (Fr. Kapaun was a priest of the Wichita diocese a few decades ago, and we are forwarding his cause for Sainthood to the Vatican.)

If a miracle occurs, it would count towards the cause for Father Kapaun's canonization. Below, is the prayer that we ask you to say daily, either as a family or individually. Thank you for joining us in this very sacred cause.

Lord Jesus, in the midst of the folly of war, your servant, Chaplain Emil Kapaun, spent himself in total service to you on the battlefields and in the prison camps of Korea, until his death at the hands of his captors. We now ask you, Lord Jesus, if it be your will, to make known to all the world the holiness of Chaplain Kapaun and the glory of his complete sacrifice for you by signs of miracles and peace, especially the complete cure of Father David Linnebur. In your name, Lord, we ask, for you are the source of peace, the strength of our service to others, and our final hope. Amen.
Fr. Emil Kapaun

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Married One Year!!! (as of Sunday)

Happy Anniversary to the best husband ever!

Boy, has this year been a whirlwind. Married, Pregnant, Baby, Moved Twice... CRAZY! This weekend and the past week or so had had me reminiscing on just how fabulous Andrew's and my wedding actually was. I'm gonna recap my top 10 favorite moments of the wedding weekend.

1) The BBQ at my mom and dad's house on Thursday evening with my roomies, my parents and my almost-husband. I'm especially fond of the potato dance.

2) Thursday evening at the Church with my roomies and Andrew again. The perfect end to the Daisy House where we prayed and sang in the silence of the little Church were Andrew and I would soon be married.

3) The post rehearsal dinner stop at Dairy Queen.

4) Watching the bridesmaids chill out on my parents living room floor until about 30 minutes before we were supposed to be at the Church. Helloo... shouldn't we be more stressed than this??!!

5) Walking up the aisle with my dad... toward the man who I'd spent my whole life dreaming about.

6) When Fr. Jarrod almost forgot to do the part of Mass where we actually said our vows... and when he announced us as Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Kim U. Ooops!

7) Riding with my brother and sister-in-law in the backseat of their jeep to the reception while it was raining and getting to kiss my husband on the way there.

8) The wonderful surprise that my roommates prepared that included all of our wonderful friends bringing a daisy to put in a vase on the head table as they each came to toast Andrew and I... and then somehow finding the words to stand up and toast all of them back after they had finished.

9) The most fun wedding dance I've probably ever been to... which included Fr. Jarrod doing the grasshopper across the floor.

10) Running through the tunnel of our friends and family as Andrew and I left the building to go to our honeymoon suite... and then having someone yell PLAY BALL! Then Andrew pointed to the fence and pretended to hit a home run as everyone began to sing "Take me out to the ballgame" as we got in the car and drove off. Movie-esque!!

Yeay for weddings and anniversaries and marriage and babies!! I love this vocation!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Monkeys on Crackers!

2 Quick Baby Stories:

Mia was in a super good mood after her bath last night. She was all alert and looking around at everything and holding her head up good. So I suggested that Andrew put her down on her tummy to see if she'd roll over again. (She's done this a few times, but when she's trying to roll for me, I usually end up helping a little bit.) So Andrew put her down, she pulled up her little head, leaned to the side... and a-flop... over to her back she went!!!! Like 3 times in a row!!!! It was just fabulous!

Secondly, I went to work this morning to find a giant bouquet of flowers on my desk and a card. It was from my amazingly wonderful boss who had given Andrew and I a card and flowers to celebrate our 1 year anniversary this Sunday. That's not even the best part... The card was one of those new ones that play music when you open them up. It talks about having a baby and the inside says "Rock On"... while the card sings "One, Two, Three O'clock, Four O'clock Rock... Five, Six, Seven O'Clock..." etc. Well, I got home and Andrew asked who the flowers were from... so I pulled out the card. Now picture this. He's holding baby Mia in his arms (both he and she were facing me). And she's a pretty smiley baby already. So I open up the card... and it goes "One, Two, Three O'Clock..." And Mia starts laughin her little butt off. Every time the drums would play in the song... and Daddy and I would dance around... she just thought it was the greatest thing in history. Of course I had to open and close the card about 18 times because I was so amused by her amusement... and then she finally got tired of it... but it was so cool while it lasted. She's finally figured out that laughing is something you do when something is silly... not just something you do for the heck of it.

I hope she takes after Aunt Valpo and laughs all the time with her Mommy. We will have great fun!