Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nature's Way

Nature’s Way

Maybe it’s my daughter… maybe it’s my husband… or maybe it’s just me opening my eyes to new things, but I’ve spent a lot of time lately pondering “natural stuff” or as I like to put it “the way God probably intended stuff to be.” And I’m absolutely blown away by how cool Nature really is.

For as long as I’ve known Andrew, he’s always had a saying that he repeats frequently. It is… “It’s natural.” That’s part of the reason why he’s anti-makeup. “Why put a bunch of chemicals on your skin… you’re just as pretty without it.” It’s also why he doesn’t eat meat. “Do you know how many hormones are pumped into those cows before they’re butchered and fed to you?” It’s also part of the reason that he’s so enamored by this book that my brother lended him called “Natural Cures.” Andrew thinks that natural is better and natural is beautiful. Well, it looks like he’s influenced me yet again.

This new found appreciation for “nature” has made me realize yet again why I’m so against contraceptives (and most other pills and drugs for that matter). I mean think about it. God provided us with a way to space out children without putting chemicals in our body. It’s called breastfeeding! And on top of that, he also made it so there’s only like a 3 day period each month that we can even become pregnant. Our bodies work just how they’re supposed to.

Another cool thing about “the way God intended stuff to be” is that he made mom’s bodies so that when they’re nursing, their body creates antibodies as soon as they come in contact with any colds. That way, the baby gets the antibodies in breastmilk just as soon as he’s in a room with a bunch of germs. It doesn’t mean that baby never gets sick, but it GREATLY reduces the severity of the sickness. Mia hasn’t ever had an ear ache and her colds are usually mild and short-lived. That’s neat!

Thirdly, God made it so that women’s bodies release oxytocin in 2 major situations of life – sex and breastfeeding. Do you know that oxytocin is the “bonding hormone”? That means our brains are signaled by this hormone that we are connected to the man we have sex with or to the baby we’re breastfeeding. God knew that it would be WAY TOO HARD on women to have multiple partners and no permanent bond, so he naturally inclined us to be connected to the person we have sex with. Plus, it bonds us to our babies which is way neat. – Don’t ask me why men don’t have oxytocin… I haven’t figured that one out yet. But I bet there’s natural explanation for it!

In short… the human body is SWEET! And it works fabulously! And God was super cool in making it!

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Two I love the Most

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Turn, Turn, Turn

Read this to get a frame of mind:

Now fast forward 3 years. My how things have changed!

If you look back at the blogs of 2003-2005, you'll see lots of information about crushes, my crazy group of friends, my awesome roommates, the retreats I went on, the bible studies I went to, my potential vocation as a sister, did I mention crushes?

And now, 3 years later... so much has changed.

In the last two weeks, I've said goodbye to two of my best friends. They'd both been major parts of my life since I moved back to Wichita and now they've both moved on to bigger and better things. Kimmy left this past Sunday to join the Franciscan Sisters, T.O.R. in Ohio. The next time I see her, she'll be almost a sister! I'm sooo happy for her, but it's crazy to think that just 3 years ago, I was the one discerning religious life and she was the one just SURE she'd be married with babies very soon.

And then there's Jose. You'll find lots of post about him back in the summer of 2004 when we dated for a week. He was also Andrew's best man at our wedding. He's been one of my greatest guy friends probably in my entire life and he left 2 weeks ago to go to grad school in Denver. It's very hard to say goodbye to two great friends within one week of each other. Many tears were shed.

And not only that... but the group has a new addition as well. Ray and Randy had their baby boy Wyatt Christopher today!!! Congrats to the Ormistons. 3 years ago on my blog, Rachel was as boy crazy as I and Randy was one of the guys I had a crush on. RIDICULOUSNESS I TELL YOU!

And now babies abound, friends are growing up and buying houses, people are getting married, and we're entering a whole new phase of life. How cool it will be to look back at this in 2010 and see once again how much things have changed.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Guess who turns 1 on Thursday?

My BEAUTIFUL niece Avery!!! Check her out...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Social Phobias


My husband told me that I was nuts the other day. He is probably right... but he's so nuts that it seemed strange for him to be calling me nuts. Lemme tell you what prompted his naming of me to be crazy.

It stems from 2 things really, both of them are probably classifed under a social-phobia of some sort.

1) I dislike talking on the telephone to almost everyone.
There are only about 5 people in this world who I LIKE to talk to on the phone. And that's being generous. Whenever anyone else calls me, I wish for the phone conversation to be short, sweet and to-the-point. I like phone conversations like that. I can't hardly stand awkward silences, "just visiting", or "I'm bored so I called you" phone calls. - UNLESS I'm super bored, in which case sometimes I like to talk just to talk (but that's very VERY rare.) Now... it's a different story when someone calls because the NEED to talk. Like when one of my friends or family members is super upset or excited or emotional about something and they NEED to share, then I'm all about the phone. *unfortunately I don't always know if that's what kind of call is coming in when I see the caller id* - This phobia/annoyance of mine seriously bugs a lot of my friends and even my parents, I know, because they feel like I never answer my phone. Most of them have learned to just call Andrew if it's important, because my dear husband will always hand me the phone whether I want to talk on it or not.

2) I abhor one-on-one situations with almost everyone.
I actually am scared of one-on-one situations. There are very few of my friends or family members that I would comfortably hang out with in a one-on-one situation. I KNOW this is strange. I have no clue where this phobia came from or how I can fix it... but it's like my fear of flying almost. Because I don't like the anticipation of the one-on-one hang out time, but I usually enjoy it once I'm stuck in the middle of it (at least when it's with one of my super close friends). Some people ask me "then how did you ever get to know Andrew?" - and the answer to that is that it NEVER felt awkward with him. One-on-one time was almost always easy for us even before we were dating. And of course I was nervous for our first date... but after that, it was all anyone could do to keep me away from him. And pretty much the only other people that I'm comfy with one-on-one are friends I've know at least 5 years, or people that I've lived with. Other than that... one on one time almost always weirds me out.

It wasn't JUST these two things that he said made me weird, but it was that I love being social and having parties... I just don't like having to call people to organize them because that involves one-on-one interaction and also usually the phone. BLEH. Email is my saving grace.

Do any of you experience these phobias? I know at least one of my readers is nearly as anti-phone as I am. That would be the main reason why we've lived in the same city for over 2 years now and only hung out about 4 times. Funny. Stupid phone.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


I'm so glad Erin made the comment she did on the last post, cuz now I can write this blog.



JULIE AND LUCAS JUST HAD A BABY!!!! Maria Gianna was born on Thursday!!!! YEAY x 2!!!!

Congrats to the girls who I spent most of my elementary and high school years competing against academically. Now we can pit our kids against each other too. SWEET. (Okay... I'm kidding about that, but they should totally be friends!)

Love you both and your babies (and your husbands ... but not like that) !!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Because Krab Says So

Back in the dizzay, I always wished someone would give me a nickname that stuck. I just thought it was neat to have a nickname. I think I figured it was a term of endearment... at least it always seemed that way to me. I've come to realize that I only enjoy being called by my nicknames now when it truly is a term of endearment. Let me 'splain.

When I was little, my mom and dad called me "sis". I always felt (and still feel) extra special when they call me "sis". It gives me warm fuzzies.

As I grew up, my brothers (especially Tom) had numerous nicknames for me. Some of them were not so endearing... but one or two were. Tom dubbed me Krab because I was cranky alot. I was the one who decided it must start with a "K". But I actually enjoy being called Krab by my brothers. That one, for some reason, feels yet again like a term of endearment.

And then in college, I finally got a nickname that stuck. And that's what many of my blog-only friends know me as... Kiki. So I was pondering this nickname today and all nicknames really and I realized something. I don't like being called "Kiki" by just anyone. In fact, I find it annoying and almost offensive when someone who I barely know waltzes into my life and calls me "Kiki". Is that weird? I should be "Kristi" first and foremost... and maybe later on... if we're really super close, you can call me Keeks or Kiki.

Maybe it's some sort of identity crisis. I sort of feel like people who FIRST know me as Kiki rather than Kristi probably see me as a "Kiki" rather than a "Kristi", and I think those two names bring about very different perceptions. Kiki is a name that is frequently associated with ditziness which I at least pretend not to be.

Maybe I'm just a little crazy. Or maybe I just need something to be annoyed with so today I'm choosing nicknames. Either way, those are my thoughts of the moment. Do with them what you will.