Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Hey folks! I am still around, just kind of out of the whole blogging thing as of late.

You see, as of December 30th, Andrew and I are homeowners!! YIPPEE!!

The entirety of the month of December was kind of a crazy mess of packing, and cleaning, and signing papers, and negotiating, and planning for Christmas, and going out of town, and celebrating anniversaries, etc. It was a bit stressful, but we have overcome the craziness and we're finally settling in here.

It's super neat to have a house. I love that the kiddos now have room to run and be silly without disturbing our neighbors. I love not having to scrape the car in the morning (or beg Andrew to do it). I LOVE LOVE having tons of cabinets and counter space in my kitchen. It makes me want to be a chef.

We are already diving in to hosting things since we finally have room to do so. We had people over for dinner 2 nights in a row this week even though we haven't fully unpacked. We'll definitely be having a house blessing party sometime in a few weeks to truly kick off the "my house is your house" mantra that we hope to adapt.

I love having people over!!

That's all for now. Must get back to unpacking!

Love to all of you.