Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ode to 26... Wazzup 27?

And continuing with tradition... here are my top 20 of being 26.

1) It's apparent... I'm a parent. February 2, the Feast of the Presentation, started Andrew and I into the journey that is parenthood. Amelia Grace came out of me and into the wide world. Wahoo!

2) It's apparent... so is everyone else! Getting to go through the newness and excitement of pregnancy and/or mommyhood with so many of my friends and family: Kimmy B, Rayray, Stephanie, Steffanie, Julie, Erin, Sara, Liz, Sarah, Jennifer, etc.

3) My little Mia Bear. She's growing so fast and she's so awesome and fun and cute and perfect. I just can't stop loving her more every day.

4) Master Andrew. My hubby... after much work and trepidation, received his Masters in Social Work. And we had a fab party. SA-WEET.

5) Aunt x2. Finding out I'm gonna be an aunt of 2. Cuz Tom & Kim are expecting again in June. YEAY!

6) Martina in Concert. Andrew and I got free tix to see Ms. McBride at the Coliseum in May just for standing at the SA Kettles beforehand. It was rock-tas-tic.

7) A Farewell to Friends. Cherishing my last few months with Kim and Jose before they left for bigger and better things. Kimmy to the convent and Josee to grad school. Dang... I miss you guys so much!!!

8) Saturday Morning Outings with LeeLee. So we've only gone like twice, but I had the best times out for coffee without hubby or baby, just hanging out with my former roommie Lisa. Thanks for that, Lee... you're the best.

9) GCG 2007. We had to get Great Country Getaway in before Kimmy left for the in the heat of July about 12 of us packed up for our annual trip to Ma and Pa's house for a weekend away from the city. It was a blast... I especially enjoyed the political and religious discussions around the fire. And thanks to Ma and Pa for keepin an eye on Mia so I could be out there.

10) Involved. Marvelling and wondering about my brother and sister-in-law and what the heck they're up to now. Hey... I'm amused by the whole situation, what can I say?

12) The new apartamento. Moving east hasn't been all fabulous... but our new apartment is so much bigger and newer and brighter and nicer... and also closer to work. Me gusta muy mucho.

13) Colorado w/ Mom & Dad. Roadtripping with Mom, Dad, Andrew & 5-month old Mia to see Joe in the Springs in June was SO FUN. We got kicked out of one hotel... stayed in another super awesome one... played cards... went driving in the mountains... and I introduced Mom to Starbucks Frappucino. It was fabulous.

14) The SLC. Every year I've been there, my job has made my top 20... and this year is no different. Even though I'm only part time, I still feel so at home when I'm there. And my bosses and coworkers are crazy and holy and fun and cool all at the same time.

15) Let them eat cake! Chowing down on our leftover wedding cake on our 1-year wedding anniversary. The cake was surprisingly moist and yummy!

16) No major drama. Yes... there were a few minor dramatic incidences, but definitely no major drama with family, friends, or others. Thanks be to God for that!

17) An end to Rosary night. This actually makes me little sad that after 3 or so years, we finally said goodbye to our weekly rosary night. But it had a great run. Now we just need to figure out what to do on Tuesdays besides watch TV.

18) Entering to win a Dodge Grand Caravan. So we didn't win... but MAN OH MAN did we have fun making our video and pretending that we would win. You know... you can go to the View's website to see the winners. We totally should have at least got some sort of honorable mention.

19) Date nights. They are few and far between, but usually at least a little fun when we go out... so I suppose they make the top twenty. *Plus I have to give props to Marianna, Lisa and Rachel for being fabulous free babysitters!!*

20) Being preggo again!!! (Okay... I'm not really, but I bet I made y'all gasp a little bit, huh?... he he he...) Also... I hope people are reading explanations of these top 20 or else I've just started a very big and untrue rumor.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

My baby can read.. sort of.

Mia LOVES books.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Just cuz it's time to blog

1) I frequently think of fun and interesting blog topics while in the car. I promptly forget them when I get home and am sitting at the computer. Dumb.

2) I've always wanted to blog about my pet peeves. But every time I get close to doing it, I realize it's likely I will piss off most if not all of my friends and family. Then I decide against it. Perhaps I'm just too easily annoyed.

3) I have a very hard time letting go of things that have hurt or angered me in my past. For example someone said something almost a year ago that really bothered me and I never said anything about it and when I think about it now... I still get mad. And they didn't even say the thing to or about me!

4) My husband is studying for his Liscencing Exam to become a Liscenced Master Social Worker. He told me not to post that in case he does bad on the test. But he'll do fine I think so I'm posting it anyways. When he passes will that make me, Kristine A. U*****, LMSW? I always wanted some letters after my name... or not.

5) Stop asking the question you might be asking us. The answer is still no.

6) It's cold.

7) I will be 3 years from turning 30 in 14 days. When did that happen?

8) I wish we had won a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan so that when we went out with parties of friends or family that are 3 or more plus us we wouldn't have to always take 2 cars.

9) There are 19 shopping days left until Christmas... minus Sundays (because we don't shop on those)... so 17... minus Christmas Eve... so 16... minus at least 3 days of work that will have us too tired to go out... so 13. Dude... we better kick it into gear.

10) Mia is getting a Cozy Coupe for Christmas. It is a pretty SWEET ride. But Andrew made us get the old school non-girlifide one so it can work for our future babies as well. I told Mia I'd decorate it for her with a flower or something. I never had a Cozy Coupe.

11) This post is done.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

I think the deadline has passed by now.

So I suppose it's okay to show you what our family did last month. So I was watching the View one day in mid-December when they announced they were having a "Caroling for a Caravan" contest. Basically, you had to take one of the four carols they gave you, change the words, use 11 key words, and send in a video of you singing your carol for a chance to win one of 12 Dodge Grand Caravans they were giving away.

They're giving away 3 a week and the first 3 winners were on the show this past week.

Anyhoo... here is our entry. Even if we didn't win, at least we had fun making the video!!