Friday, July 27, 2007

No Time to Blog

The fam and I are leaving town yet again this weekend. Will there EVER be a time when we get to chill at home again??? This summer has been the epitome of crazy. But it's all good. "I guess we're at least having fun, right?"... says the poor mom who wishes gas prices would go down.

Anyhoo... here's my favorite Mia pic ever for your enjoyment...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I don't get it.

I didn't actually partake of alcoholic beverages until about 5 days after my 21st birthday, and I'm fairly certain that I've never been truly drunk. I've had buzzes... and maybe I've even been ALMOST drunk, but I'm pretty sure I've never been drunk. And I've definitely never had a hangover or puked from drinking.

So frankly, I don't get it. I used to not even understand drinking. I figured I was goofy enough without alcohol... what would be the point of drinking? But then I discovered the lovely and somewhat medicinal effects of a buzz. I understand that a buzz loosens you up after a stressful day at work... and I also get how it affects your social skills in the somewhat uncomfortable setting of a smokey and loud bar filled with strangers. But beyond the buzz... that's what I don't get.

As my husband put it, "Drunkenness is just wasted alcohol." I think that he means that he would no longer be enjoying the beer for its taste, but rather just be drinking period.

Does anyone out there have a good reason for getting drunk? I can't imagine that it always just happens by accident. And I also don't get how getting drunk could be so good that it's worth the disgusting cotton-mouthed, headached filled, pukey feeling that frequenly follows it.

Oh and just a clarification, because I'm used to expecting this on my blog by now: I'M NOT JUDGING YOU IF YOU DO GET DRUNK... I'M JUST SAYING THAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND. Thank you for your time.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Um... yikes

This is what happens when Andrew dresses Mia.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mama Mia!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


This is my Sister in Law Kim with President Clinton. Doesn't he kind of look like a cut-out even though it's actually him?? Weird.

I'm now only 2 degrees from Bill Clinton. Neat.

Did you know I'm also only 2 degrees from Pope John Paul II? and Pope Benedict? and Mother Teresa? SWEET!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!!

This is my mom. Isn't she wonderful? Let me tell you a little about her.

1) She cares for everyone.
2) Pretty much all my friends call her "mom" because she is such a great one!
3) She's the only person who can get me to stop crying when nothing else works.
4) Mom gives the BEST hugs.
5) My dad and she take the word "marriage" to a whole new level.
6) For my whole life, every time someone in our extended family was in a jam or going through a bad spot... mom (and dad) were there to help them through.
7) She makes me laugh.
8) I get my weirdness from her.
9) She was crazy when she was in her early 20's but you'd never know it without asking a LOT of questions.
10) Mom showed my brothers and I how to be "good people".
11) She always encouraged me to be a good student, but she never expected me to be perfect.
12) Mom is a picture of self-sacrificing love.
13) She makes the BEST homemade cookies.
14) My mom is beautiful inside and out.
15) She plays cards with the best of them!
16) She is someone that I aspire to be like.
17) Mom loves Dad with all her heart.
18) She is faith-filled.
19) My mom welcomes everyone into her home as if they were family.
20) Mom is generous.

Happy birthday to the greatest woman I've ever known. I don't know what the world would have been like for the last 60 years if you hadn't been here... but I know it would not have been as wonderful. I love you!