Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Holy Rap!

Um... so this cracks me up.

Baby Got Book

Mmmmmm... Chipotle

How do I know that my little niece is going to take after me?

Why, by the Chicken Burrito she so longs for of course:


My theory is that she's already eaten her first and is takin' a quick nap to prepare for her second.

Friday, September 22, 2006

What to say... what to say.

I've been pondering blog topics ALL week (and you should all be glad that I've pondered, too, because if I hadn't you may have heard quite a little bit of griping coming from this pregnant momma.)

I still haven't come up with a coherent topic, but I can tell you the different ones I've pondered. They would have been titled something like this:

1) Soul Searching
2) Christian Friendship
3) Back to the Future
4) The Therapist
5) Bite me... you suck
6) Seriously... can ANYTHING else annoy me this week?

Okay... so I never really thought about titling one #5, but it cracked me up a bit to consider it so I decided to pretend that I would have actually used that as a title.

In other news... Baby U is suddenly a gymnast. I've got all kinds of crazy movement going on in my uterus and it's a very strange feeling. Sometimes I think the little one is just trying to gain attention (he takes after his mother, you know), so I start talkin to my tummy to reassure the kid that I haven't forgotten about her. Wednesday on the way home from work, I taught the baby "My Prerogative" by Bobby Brown. It was on the radio, you see, and I quite enjoy singing the tune, so we had our first music lesson. Andrew wasn't real excited about me teaching that song... but come on... it's a GREAT song.

Anyways... we've got no big plans for the weekend so if anyone is bored, Andrew and I will be mostly avaiable after about 9pm this evening. Perhaps I'll organize some fun game/movie/eat junk food night for Saturday... that sounds fun!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Teens aren't ALL bad

Okay... so this is just too exciting not to share.

On Saturday, Andrew and I helped with this thing called Wash for Life. It was basically a nation wide effort to have carwashes to raise money for local pregnancy crisis centers. So A&I decided to help at with the local one. It was a thing put on for youth and young adults... so we were there as chaperones and carwashers. Needless to say, the awesome teens who came out to help with this event were fun and crazy and I feel a little bit bad about the mean stuff I said in my last post.

But here's the exciting part: Of the 159+ carwashes held nationwide, the St. Francis CYO Car Wash (the one we were in) is ranked 3rd for most money raised and 1st for most volunteers and most cars washed. We raised almost $1,600.00 for Choices Medical Clinic and A Better Choice. We washed 131 cars. And we had 58 volunteers throughout the day.

It was fabulous and I'm super happy for my former roommate Kimmy who was the mastermind that organized it for Wichita.

Yipee for saving the babies and helping the mommies!!!

If you want more info, go to Wash for Life

Friday, September 15, 2006

Teenagers... BLECK!

Last night there was some news show on featuring teens and their use of the internet as the most popular communication tool in their world. This news show had put these teens into different groups and asked them to instant message with eachother in this controlled environment. And it was just ridiculous the messages that began to fly between them. I mean the profanity... the sexual innuendo... the sheer bitchiness of some of these teens was incredibly deplorable. And these were teens who in general didn't even know each other... they were just participating in this experiment.

Well... it got me to thinking about how much I dislike teenagers. I mean... that's not exactly true. I LOVED being a teen. I had a blast. I liked myself and most of my friends when we were teens... but I don't think I had a typical teenhood. I mean... we weren't the POPULAR group at all... but we also weren't quite weird enough to be made fun of ALL the time. I sort of got the impression that my group tended to just fade into the background of our high school... which was a good thing--for me at least.

Nevertheless, I very well remember the popular and bully-like girls and guys in our school and how much I disliked them. And I never understood why they had to act like such jackasses to everyone. And it really seriously pisses me off now. Like I've had dreams about standing up to these girls now that I'm old enough to realize that it was THEIR insecurities and THEIR lack of respect that caused them to act like such buffoons in high school.

And I just don't get it. I wish the stupid teenagers of today's world would have parents that would teach them just one iota of respect. If they could for just an instant realize that they are NOT the center of the universe and it DOES actually matter when they hurt others... well, that would be nice.

I am so afraid of raising a popular kid. Popularity in my high school meant for the most part that you had to be bitchy or a bully... and I don't want that for my children. If they're the kind of popular kid that everyone likes cuz they're super nice to everyone... then I'd be way happy... but if it's the other kind... boy am I gonna be an angry parent.

What do you think... is raising bratty and awful teenagers inevitable because of the whole "kids just being kids" thing... or is it possible to nurture a child into a teenagehood that has them respecting themselves and others?


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Amen, Archbishop Naumann

Pray for Sebelius

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Weekend Update

with Kevin Neiland

... okay... not really with Kevin Neiland. But that'd be pretty sweet if he wrote my blog, huh? Do any of you actually remember Kevin Neiland? Hmmm...

I have not anything to write about today. So I shall tell you about my trip to the fair on Saturday with my hubby-bo-bubby and Marianna.

1st we watched the governor's debate... which was QUITE interesting. Sebelius and Barnett battled it out while a crowd which seemed to be split about 50/50 booed and hoorayed for them. Plus there were these 2 cochroaches dressed up as Sebelius's mascots who were very entertaining. They were promoting the fact that she vetoed the Abortion Clinic Liscensing bill which thus kept more cockroaches alive. Before we got a flyer from them we didn't know who they were cheering for... but they were cheering for Sebelius in an extremely sarcastic way we figured out.

2nd, we ate much FAIR FOOD - Our first yummies were from the foodcourt that included an actual lunch type meal... but we quickly followed that with State Fair Rootbeer an a Funnel Cake for Dessert.

3rd, we watched Ron Diamond, comic hypnotist. Last year, Andrew and I swore we'd go on stage this year to be hypnotized ourselves. However... in my preggo condition I decided against it... and Andrew sorta chickened out (though he claimed he was too interested in watching to participate)... but Ron Diamond is good family fun and we cracked up very much.

4th, we did the regular rounds through the buildings.. free junk, butter sculpture, candy out the wazoo, and political affiliations representing themselves, giant vegetables... it was a good and claustrophobic time. By the time we did that, we were all pretty tuckered out from our 6 hours at the fair, so we finished off with some yummy roasted corn, one last cup of rootbeer and a mile long walk back to the car.

All in all it was quite a festive and fabulous day at the Kansas State Fair.

It's a Wild Ride Baby!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

To Clarify

Okay... so this whole getting pregnant RIGHT after you get married presents a small problem.

As I said on yesterday's post, Andrew and I celebrated our 4-monthiversary yesterday. And at the same time I'm getting ready to post my 19-weeks pregnant update on my sidebar.

Now... for those of you who may be asking "How can that be unless you got preggo before the wedding?"... I say... this is precisely my problem!

It turns out that the medical world measures gestation starting approximately 2 weeks before conception (aka from a woman's last period). So even though we're only starting our 17th week after conception, we are at 19 weeks gestation. And that's why some people meausure pregnancy in 38 weeks and some in 40 weeks.

Just wanted to let you know! :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Updates and Happy Little Rants

Howdy, folks. Merely because Baby U and I are tired of long winded discussions that frustrate us, I'm going back to the lighter side of things for awhile. I think I'll do it in list form merely because lists make me happy.

1) In the store the other day I caught myself doing the ever-popular pregnancy waddle. Now... there is not much reason for me to be doing this yet except that my stomach seems to be growing in an outward motion at an inhuman pace... but I shouldn't be at waddling stage yet I don't think. Unfortunately it takes great effort to walk normally because it seems more natural to do the waddle. So here's to 5 more months of waddling I guess!

2) I can't tell if this baby is moving. I have very odd feelings in my abdominal regions somewhere between 0 and 3 times a day... but they are never at regular spaces and I can never tell if it's something inside moving or just an air bubble or my stomach growling or my heart palpitating. It's strange.. it freaks me out.. and I would very much appreciate Baby U getting his/her little rump in gear and giving me a few good reassuring kicks.

3) Although it innacurately represents Catholic though on a few matters, I really like this article: NFP Only Doctors My wonderfully amazing OBGYN is an NFP only doctor and he's the bomb. I feel so comfortable walking into his office when there's a GIANT picture of Mary and Jesus on the wall. Plus, when he retires at the end of this year, he's going to become a spiritual guide so he can help people get their souls in shape. He said at our first appointment "I've spent my whole life bringing tiny souls into this world, I'd like to spend the rest of my life helping people get their souls ready to pass into the next world." Sigh... I love my doctor.

4) Last night was the DH's 2nd annual Dish w/ the Bish. However, since we no longer have a Daisy House, Fr. Jarrod let us host the party at the very fantastic St. Francis Rectory. We had about 40 people show up including our wonderful Bishop and we had some amazing Lasagna, sides and dessert. Plus the wonderful Bish led us in our usual Tuesday night rosary on the backporch of the rectory. It was very fun.

That's all I've got for now. How bout everyone just take a few minutes to wrap their arms around someone and give them a hug today!

Oh yes..and also.. Happy 4 month-iversary to my amazing husband Andrew!!!!