Sunday, June 19, 2005

Ooooh... haven't done this in a while

Hey y'all. You know something that I haven't done in a while is a big list of things. I think I shall list some Kristi updates for everyone just to keep you in the loop and to amuse Lisa since I know how much she enjoys my affinity for listing things.

1) If there was such a thing as a professional-wedding-attendee, then I might get the award this summer. Of the four weekends in July, I will be at weddings for 3 of them.

2) Though you may hear arguments the other way, I am neither officially nor unofficially engaged.

3) I got to visit Ma and Pa Rausch yesterday. They are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary this year and I want to do something really neat for them.

4) I no longer have a crappy job... though the other night I did consider getting back into the radio biz. Could you guys picture me as a morning radio personality?

5) My brothers will be in town in a few weeks for Tom's bachelor party. On Friday night I get to go karaokeing with them, and I'm super duper excited.

6) I karaokeed last night at a bar that didn't seem to have put alcohol in any of its alcoholic beverages. Steffanie bought a pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea, and we barely felt the effects of it at ALL. It tasted like lemonade.

7) Fr. Jarrod told me there was mouse poop in my house. ICK.

8) I'm typing this blog from a laptop that I bought from my brother for only 75 dollars. It's the most fabulous purchase I've ever made.

9) I miss Tom and Kimmy B being in Wichita on the weekends.

10) I want to learn to dance.

11) Andrew is weirder than I am and I think that is why we work so well together.

12) My friend Amy made homemade tortillas the other night... they were yummy.

13) I miss Jose and Lisa... they've been out of town forever and a day.

14) This laptop is making my lap very warm, so I believe I am done with this post.

Goodnight friends... if I don't talk to you soon... good morning, good afternoon and good evening!!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

I just finished a book

So I just finished a novel about the life of Saint Catherine of Sienna.

I find that reading about the saints is both inspiring and disheartening at the same time. Like... I love to see what amazing feats these people accomplished with God's graces, but I also wonder what it is that I'm not doing so that I can have the kind of relationship that they had with God.

I think my biggest problem and actually probably most people's biggest obstacle to getting closer to God is our attachments to this world. St. Catherine lived on Jesus alone for years. The only "food" she ever had was her daily bread at communion during Mass. Once the Pope said to her "Catherine, if I ordered you to eat again, would you do it?" Because she took seriously her vow of obedience she responded, "Yes, Holy Father, but I cannot promise I could keep it down."

St. Catherine was so detached from worldly matters that food was not even appealing to her. She lived on God alone and for God alone. She felt like her time on Earth was almost a prison because she so badly longed for the Glory of Heaven. She cried many times when she thought death was imminent but God took it away from her. She wanted nothing more than to be with Him. How amazing it would be to feel that way about death.

Living in the United States is living in a culture of abundance. We are so blind to the attachments we have to the things and people around us. We cling to our televisions, to our cars, our houses, our clothing... even to our relationships. But all of those things are impermanent. All of them are passing. In an instant, they could be ripped out from under us and we're left with only ourselves and God. And guess what? We would still survive.

Today I dislike the excessive way I live. I have so many things that I don't need. I wish that I could get rid of everything that isn't helping me or others get closer to God... because those are the only things that I need in the first place. But how does one go from living a life of excess to living a life of simplicity? Especially when living in the American culture where excess equals success.

Hmmm... it's something to ponder.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Let the clouds drift away

Prepare yourselves, folks. You're about to experience 3 or 4 months of a serious reality check. Have you been confused about where your life is headed? Have you been unsure about your job, your friends, your car, your house, or anything about your life in general?

Well... get ready. Because it's all about to make sense.

"Why?" you may be asking. "How is it that you know this, Kristi?" you may ask as well.

Lemme tell you. It's been long in coming... and much less clear than the rest... but this season's theme has finally come to me.

We are now entering...


I know at first it may not seem as exciting as the Winter of Anticipation or the Spring of New Beginnings... but, believe me, this summer has much more in store for all of us than we can currently fathom.

Have you ever had one of those moments in life where it feels like your eyes are suddenly opened to a whole new reality? I'm pretty sure that this summer is going to be full of them. They've already begun in my life... and though they haven't all been pleasant, they HAVE all been for the better in the long run.

I wish you the greatest SUMMER OF CLARITY a person can have. It's time to finally figure things out!