Thursday, January 20, 2005

My Ideal

So the last comment up to this post that had been put on the PREVIOUS post was "What is your ideal job?" And when I started writing about it, it came out in the freaky little rhyme that follows.

My Ideal Job by Kristine Ann

My Ideal Job is both challenging and fun.
It's good for the World because it follows the Son.
I'll be busy with things like planning events
To raise money for the organization where my time is spent.

Perhaps its Church job of some sort or another
And I'll be able to both work AND be a mother.
I'll do things that help people be holy and happy.
I think it's a job where I get to be sappy.

I'll smile a lot and spread joy to the world,
Well... I guess I won't... God will work through this Girl.
And my apostolate will be one of greatest proportions
Maybe something like working to end all abortions.

I'm not sure EXACTLY what it is that I seek.
But I want it to be altruistic and holy and meek.
Maybe someday there'll be a job like this for me,
But it's all in God's time, so we'll just have to see.

I hope you all have a great weekend and week!!! Please remember to pray for all mothers and all unborn children this weekend. Jan. 22nd is the anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision that helped legalize abortion. Dr. George Tiller (the Wichita abortionist) gives out free abortions on this day to commemorate the event. Think of how many poor little babies will die and how many mothers will be forever wounded. Please pray for them and for all of the thousands of people who will be travelling to DC to stand up to our government and say we must someday END this TRAGEDY.

Monday, January 17, 2005

In To Our View

Hey all!

Guess what I just remembered?! This is the WINTER OF ANTICIPATION. I sorta forgot the theme for about a month in there when I had no time to do anything but plan for and go to parties/events/concerts/plays/and the like. So that's kinda exciting... because spring is only a few months down the road.

And guess what I'm anticipating right now? No... it's not a date (though that would be exciting and magnificent though quite likely drama-filled.) No... it's not a trip (though I am leaving on one this Friday.) No... it's not a retreat (though actually I am sorta anticipating 3 of those cuz I have one every weekend for about the next month). It's... It's... It's... An interview!

In the immortal words of Miss Piggy, "Yippee Skippee!!!"

I hate to divulge too much about said interview considering my thoughts are on the www for the whole world to see... but it's a great opportunity, with an awesome organization (not my ideal... but pretty wicked cool nevertheless) and I'm just excited that I get to at least get my name out there again. Besides, it always makes me smile when I dream of the day I'll get to resign from current job just because I can. Resignation sounds neat.

In other news... St. Valentine's Day is only like 27 days away! Yeay for LOVE! Yeay for PINK! Yeay for guys and girls and moms and dads and husbands and wives and babies!

This is Kiki Ann, signing off. Wishing you a pleasant 2night and an even pleasanter 2morrow!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Wow... long time no see

Hi EVERYBODY! Hi Doctor Nick!

Um.. okay.. it's late and all I could think of for the opening was a Simpson's line. Whatya gonna do about it?

Life has been crazy lately. Like seriously.. crazy, but crazy in such a way that it's been a peaceful kinda crazy if that's possible. For the last 3 nights there have been more than 10 people in my house for more than 2 hours at a time... and not one of those times has a TV been on. Isn't that cool? It's like chaotic peace. Very weird.

Anyhoo.. the reason I have not blogged is because I've been up this late every night for quite sometime, and I just keep going to bed before I sit down to blog. OR... (like Saturday) I sat down to write a really great blog about why I'm so antifeminism and at the same time am extremely PRO-WOMAN... but once I started writing, nothing was going on to the page how it felt in my head, so I had to stop. Perhaps I'll address that one in a future post.

RQOTN (random question of the night): Do you guys miss me blogging about guys? Cuz I sorta do. I can't really explain it... but I miss thinking so much about why men act the way they do... and why they're not thinking what I think they're thinking most of the time. I don't even think about that stuff anymore really. It's strange.

I'm tired and I feel as though my thoughts are disjointed. I hope you have taken a chance to check out the 3 new links I've added on my blogroll. I met Peter over break, and he's a super cool guy that you should all learn to love him and his blogs. They are entertaining, inspiring and useful! (How's THAT for givin props, Peter?) ;)

And in closing I must just say... Yeay for love! Love is neat! I am SOOOOOOO excited for St. Valentine's Day because it is the most wonderful holiday ever in the whole wide world even when you don't have a Valentine, and it's only like a month away. YEAY!!!!