Wednesday, March 31, 2004

It's late.

It's only 10:44 PM and it is late for me. So sad. I really cannot think of anything interesting to blog about. One of these days I will be posting on something enticing and interesting.

Can I just give you a wee bit more insight into how strange I am? Today I was driving in my car... singing my heart out along with the radio (like I frequently do)... and I saw something outside that reminded me of a boy. Out of nowhere I just yelled "I LOVE (insert said boy's name here)."... I even shocked myself when I said it.

Sometimes emotions overcome me and I just yell out what I'm thinking. Thank goodness it happens most frequently in my car when I'm by myself or else I think you all would be quite a bit more frightened than you already are.

:) Good night Cruel World :)

Thursday, March 25, 2004

A tiskit, A tasket... A post for this basket

Um.. what's a tisket and a tasket? Nursery Rhymes are weird... cept the one with the cow jumping over the moon. That one's fun. "Hey Diddle Diddle" I think. :) What joy!

Speaking of cows... has anyone seen the preview for the new Disney movie coming out starring 3 cows. I'm soooo pumped. The cow gets far too little attention in the animations. Cows rock!

Okay.. now onto other things. I think that cars are personified by the people that drive them. Or, perhaps, what you drive says a lot about you. Or at least this seems to fit in most cases.

I see the cars and trucks that many of my friends drive and think "yes... that IS appropriate." Although, it is not to difficult to metaphorically connect a person to his or her car if you know the person well enough and are just SEMI imaginative. I would like to give an example...

Let's see. I've got a friend who drives a dark blue Camry (I think). The car's name is Liberty. We call her Libby. Now... how does she relate to my friend? Well, Libby (the car) looks practical on the outside. She looks like a nice friendly easy-to-be with (or drive) car. But inside, she has leather seats and a superior interior that manages to somehow be even cooler than her wonderful sparkly blue outside. This is very similar to my friend. She always is a very sweet wonderful nice fun person. She even looks like one on the outside. But you get to know her, and find out she has insides of gold.

What does your car say about you? I bet I could come up with something for you if you wanted me to. :) I enjoy this game.

Hickory Dickory Dock... It is nearly 10 O'clock. I'm done with this post. Let's all have some toast. Then go and sleep like a rock.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Where were they going without ever knowing the way?

Oh.. to be in your early 20's! Woe is me... woe is us! (or would it be woe ARE us?)... anyways. You know that song by Smashmouth that I've titled my blog after? Well, that's how I feel.

I feel like my friends and I, in this post-college, and end-of college, transition are going on a path even though we really have very little idea where it will end.

I don't have a five-year-plan. Heck, I don't even have a 1-year-plan. And yet, I know that I must be going towards SOMETHING. I know that all the little things I do each day are pushing me towards the next big happening in my life. I just don't know yet what that happening is. I find it to be disturbing.

Where are we going without ever knowing the way?

Sunday, March 14, 2004


So we all know about P.D.A.'s (and I'm talking about Public Displays of Affections, not Personal Digital Assistants). We all have feelings about people doing things like that in public. I, personally, don't have any huge grudges against public displays of affections such as hugs or holding hands or any such thing... but there are always extremes.

Well, this blog is not about PDA's anyways. It's about PDP's... that is Public Displays of Prayer.

Most specifically, I am talking about praying before meals. It seems like very few people do this aloud in public, and I've begun to question why. Whenever I'm in a group of my Catholic friends, we almost always bow our heads and pray aloud before meals. I'm beginning to wonder why anyone would not do this.

I think it all comes down to not wanting to make others feel uncomfortable. But why should other people feel uncomfortable that I want to take a moment to thank God for our food? And is another person's uncomfortableness enough for me to ignore the fact that without God, I would not have food at all?

I'm certainly not opposed to silent prayer in a restaurant either, but I think that praying aloud is a wonderful way to say to our upside-down world that we love our God, He is a part of our world, and no matter how much society wants to push Him out of life, He will always be here with us, feeding us both spiritually and physically.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

You have just entered


do do do do do do do do do do do do

An odd change has been taking place lately. Beyond the winter blossoming into spring, that is. I see it in all of my friends. And even in myself.

Those friends who used to be calm and rational, have suddenly become full of emotions. Those who rarely cry are letting tears poor down like rain in a monsoon. Some friends who are normally a wee bit crazy have gone to a whole new level of crazy. And I have hit a weird plain of normalcy in my thoughts and emotions. I have neither cried nor jubilantly sprung about for many days.

I have not experienced such a strange set of happenings in a long time. Perhaps we will all learn something from our sudden shifts in personality... if nothing else.. it may just teach us to understand eachother better.

I believe we have entered the TWILIGHT ZONE.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Craving for a Kristi Update?

I have not written lately on any personal matters. So buckle your seatbelts for a quick ride through the Movie Theatre of my Mind.

In the last month:
1) I have been berated for being too dramatic.
2) I have lost my advertising job a second time, and gained another job at a radio network.
3) I sobbed through nearly the entirety of the Passion of the Christ.
4) I found out that Crush A aka "Ryan" aka "the stupid boy upstairs" aka "Boy A" aka "my neighbor boy" has found a job in Colorado and will be moving at the end of the month.
5) I have also finally had the official talk to end all talks with him and let him know that his flirty ways were leading me on... so now he flirts less... and I'm okay with most flirting that goes on cuz he's leaving and my obsession shall leave with him. Thanks be to God!
6) I have MUCH MORE SERIOUSLY been considering entering religious life, if for nothing else than to prove to myself that I am not called to be a Sister.
7) I've gone through a period of realizing that I am a leach who has no idea what it could possibly mean to be independent. I grapple onto my friends and let them make life happen.
8) I've joined a group of women who are discerning religious life. I'm the youngest in the group and, by far, I think the most confused. We call our group "The Sisters of Perpetual Discernment." :)
9) I have remained mostly crush-free for a span probably about 10 days now.

This has been a presentation of Kristi Pictures, in association with Kristi productions, run in totally Kristi Sound, with enhanced Kristi picture. :)

Yikes! My name sounds gross when you say it that much.

Empathy is the word of the day

If given the chance to put this weekend and the past week or so into song, I could not say it any better than the Dixie Chicks already have:

Hello, Mr. Heartache. I've been expectin you. Come in and wear your welcome out, the way you always do. You never say if you're here to stay or only passin through.

Hello, Mr. Heartache I've been expectin you.

When I don't feel like company, you make yourself at home.
Even though you know, I'd rather be alone.
Love walked out on me, it didn't even close the door.
The next thing I know, I'm starin at your shadow on the floor.

I wish that I could say it's nice to see you back again,
We're not exactly strangers.. but we're not exactly friends.
You know you're not invited, but you keep on coming 'round.
The last thing that I need is you to kick me when I'm down.

Hello, Mr. Heartache. I've been expectin you.
Come in and wear your welcome out the way you always do. You never say if you here to stay or only passin through.
Hello, Mr. Heartache, I've been expectin you.

So, it turns out that the WINTER OF LOVE is turning into the SPRING OF BITTERNESS. Is everyone excited? I sure am! I was never too touched by the winter of love, so I'm way more worried about my friends as we enter this new season.

So dear bitter-ridden heartbroken friends, if it helps you at all, Mr. Heartache doesn't like to hang around too long. Come out and have fun with me, and we will annoy the heck out of stupid Mr. Heartache, and then he will leave you alone. I PROMISE! Smiles drive him away the fastest.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


People... I am at a loss for time and subject matter. I would love to blog some more, but one of my readers has informed me that I need to write something more controversial again. I need some suggestions.

In other news... did anyone watch Average Joe 2 last night? I am, once again, a bit angry. Poor Bryan Worth. He gave that chick an AMAZING dream date and she still felt nothing. I hate that our hearts work like that. But, moreover, why in God's green earth would Gil reject her just because she used to date Fabio??? Who cares that she used to date Fabio?

Men who read my blog.. would you date a girl who used to date Fabio? And if not... WHY NOT??? !! I don't get it.