Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Boring? Don't care.

So I never write blogs anymore because I have nothing exciting to write about.

But, ya'll, it's been OVER A MONTH since I last blogged and that's far too long.

Here's a rundown of what's up:

1) The selling realtor for the house we put an offer on has the reputation of being quite good at MAJORLY SUCKING. Thus we are back in the process of looking again. Our offer still stands on the first house, but we're beginning to think we'll never hear back from the bank... so in the mean time we're gonna try and find another dream home.

2) Vince turned one last Friday. He's getting big VERY fast and it's freaking me out. He just recently learned the whole "someone took something away from me so I should cry really loudly about that" game. Oh... how I miss the days of when they're too little to realize they should be mad when someone takes something away from them.

3) Mia is destined for stardome. She has beautiful long curly hair. A really decent voice for a 2 year old. And she seems to enjoy performing. I'm thinking it would be super cool to get her in dance class, because she likes to dance... and actually so do I... maybe I can find a mommy & tot class. That'd be way cool.

4) LOVING my job still. LOVING being back. I had a small pause about the whole thing when I found out Mia was referring to Ms. Lyza as "mommy"... but I guess that's to be expected when her two little best friends naturally call Ms. Lyza mommy. Besides... she insists she's going to marry one of those little boys which would make Ms Lyza a mommy-in-law so maybe she's just practicing for 20 years down the road.

5) Bananas.

Have a great week everyone!