Friday, December 29, 2006

9 days is too long

Wow... it's been a long time since my last post. Here's a rundown of Christmas Events:

I hosted my first family Christmas!!! My whole fam (Dad and Mom, Tom & Kim & Avery, and Joe plus a few extra drop-ins) came for the day on Christmas Eve. Andrew and I got to cook all kinds of fixins (of course with Mom's help) and it was really really fun. I had a total blast "playing mom" and it was so great being able to see my whole fam even though the doctor said we shouldn't really travel anymore. YEAY!

Plus, we had a fabulous Christmas with Andrew's family the next evening. As per tradition, we divided into girls vs. boys after dinner for a rousing game of charades! Though the score was actually pretty close this time, the girls still whooped up on the guys so we held our run of wins thus far. YEAY FOR BEING GOOD A CHARADES!

Andrew and I both had Tuesday off so we finished gettin the necessities for baby. (It turns out his cousins who have had 4 kids believe there's no way I'm carrying Baby U for a whole month... so that sorta freaked us out to get a little more prepared.) We finished some final purchases and completely rearranged our bedroom to fit Baby U's bassinet and other accessories into our room. It's getting so exciting knowing that Baby could really come any old day he/she wants now!

I woke up Wednesday quite sure that I was in labor because my stomach like SERIOUSLY hurt. It turned out that I... and Andrew... and both of his sisters had some sort of crazy 24 hour flu bug. It sucked. I freaked out that baby would be hurt by my puking and dehydration, but it turned out baby decided to kick all day long just to let me know he was doin fine. I kept fluids down for the most part and had recovered enough to return to work for a half day on Thursday. Flu Season is Awful!!!

Last but not least... it's almost the NEW YEAR!!! I'm excited for 2007. We have plenty of parties and fun planned for this weekend so perhaps I'll get to see some of you!

Love and hugs,

Me and Baby U

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ode to my 25th year.

I did it at 23... I think I did it at 22. For some reason, it doesn't look like I got around to it last year until January... but this year I'm going to do a top 20 of being 25. Because my 25th has probably taken the cake for best year of my life so far. Here's a few of the highlights:

1) Planning our wedding. Despite the stress and freak-out moments, it was SOOOO fun to plan Andrew's and my wedding. I did my best to simplify everything and maintain a fairly aloof and non-bridezilla manner and I actually sort-of accomplished it (minus a few little outbursts.) And it could not have turned out more dream-like than it was. It even looks fun just watching the video!

2) Friends. This year has been full of UPS and downs with friends. Despite all of the drama we've encountered especially in the last half of the year, I still absolutely adore all of my friends especially those wonderful ones who St. Therese brought me through the Daisy House. They are such a beautiful bouquet in the garden of my life.

3) Roommates. Of course I love my new one... Andrew... and my old one... Val who was the best Maid of Honor EVER... but there's just something about my dear Kimmy and Lisa and the end of the era of the Daisy House that really means a lot. You girls have kept me sane through wedding and baby planning... you have been there through thick and thin... and you always manage to set up a DH girls night just when we really need it. I think you're great... and I'll never forget our hour at the Emerald Church 2 nights before the wedding when we all just got to be with Jesus and truly end the Daisy House the way it should have ended.

4) Avery. My niece is the most gorgeous little thing God put on earth this year I think. I loved sharing Tom & Kim's excitement in her first few days of life and I LOVE being her Godmother. Yeay for babies!

5) Getting Hitched. Marriage is everything I expected it to be and a whole lot more. Andrew takes my breath away with the love he shows. I truly see Christ in my husband and I know he is a gift from God. It may have taken me awhile to figure out my vocation, but it's such a joy to be able to live it now.

6) Jumping off the V-train. (seriously... when you wait 25 years... this HAS to be a highlight). 'nough said.

7) Baby U and pregnancy. I didn't expect it quite so soon as it happened, but being pregnant has been such a neat experience. Despite the 8 weeks of pukey disgustingness that I went through, it has been so fun watching Baby U expand my tummy and feeling him/her start kicking me and watching Andrew talk to the baby and all the other neat stuff that has come along with being preggo.

8) My parents. I don't know if it's because I'm married now... or because of all the wedding plans we did together... or because they'll soon be grandparents twice over, but each day of this year I have appreciated Mom and Dad a little bit more. They are such awesome loving people and they have truly made my 25th year FABULOUS.

9) Great Country Getaway 2006. We didn't know if it would happen this year with the Wedding on the normal GCG weekend... and with me being so suddenly pregnant. But our August Adventure at Ma and Pa's proved to be just as fun as all the ones before it. We had a great bonfire, some good conversation and lots of crazy fun in the country.

10) Wisconsin Honeymoon. The Lazy Cloud Lodge proved to be the perfect getaway for Andrew and I. We loved our in-room whirlpool and fireplace, and we had sooo much fun exploring Lake Geneva and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Plus, the scenery on the way up was just beautiful!

11) My job. Okay... so I know this job made my top 20 last year too... but seriously, it's the BEST JOB EVER. Everyone is so cool and I get to go to Mass and my bosses are total goofballs and my schedule is super flexible and I even get to come back part time after Baby U is born!!!

12) Andrew's Family. It's funny how being married to someone brings a whole new definition and level of family to your life. It's been super neat this last half of the year learning more about his family and really bonding with them and discovering where he gets his goofiness and weirdness (... I'm reminded of an incident in a restaurant in Dallas when we were all singing "If I were a Rich Man as we waited for our dinner.) he he...My new family is almost as crazy as my original family.

13) Fourth of July with the Brendan's. So I was still feeling a bit pukey, but Andrew and I had so much fun swimming in our apartment pool with Brendan and Lucy and their little ones and then going to see the Wichita fireworks from atop the Gander Mountain parking garage. It was a very fun day!

14) The Argument. I had yet another firey religious and political discussion with my brother over the weekend of Avery's baptism. Only this argument, due mostly to pregnancy hormones, escalated me into tears and anger for the first time in about 3 years. But we worked it all out and ended up chatting til 3:30A in the morning about all kinds of stuff. I love my big brother.

15) The Wedding Speeches. Andrew and I felt honored and humbled when nearly every single one of our friends offered us a toast on wedding day, and each put a daisy in a vase in front of us before they spoke. It was amazing. We felt very unworthy but soooo grateful to God for having such amazing people in our lives.

16) Pre-Wedding Parties. The Wedding Shower and Bachelor/Bachelorette Party day was just plain fun. The B/B Dinner with the wedding party and parents was super great especially when Joe and Christi bought Andrew and I these crazy shots that seemed to make the room spin a bit. I was also amused when everyone started clanging their glasses for us to kiss... but Andrew was in the bathroom. AND the party full of many drinking people afterwards which included a fabulous rendition of the Newlywed versus Ma & Pa and Mom & Don. It was a riot!

17) The dreamlike departure from the wedding dance... Andrew and I got to walk under a bridge of hands as we made our way to the door and then everyone followed us out to the street where they began to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" as we drove away. It was a chick-flick ending to a perfect wedding day. Oh yeah... and A&I stopped at a gas station in Ottawa on the way to our hotel suite to get water and it's great fun going in to normal places when you're dressed like a princess.

18) Being a basketball fan for 2 GREAT teams: KU & WSU. It's really neat when you have 2 teams to cheer for and they both rock the party that rocks the party. Our poor kids will probably be basketball fanatics before they're aged 2.

19) Dr. Barba. The best most wonderful OB/GYN a Catholic family could ask for. He made the first 8 months of this pregnancy even more of a joy than they already were. How can you not love a doctor who talks about God all the time and who hums "How Great Thou Art" during exams. He's so neat. Plus, even though he'll be retired for Baby U's birth, he told us to beep him so he can come play the accordion for us. What a neat guy!!!

20) Hugs. I'm always excited about hugs... but this year they've just been even better. Like I LOVE going home to a husband who has a nice big hug for me whenever I need it. Hugs from mom, hugs from brothers, hugs from friends, hugs all around. HUGS ARE GREAT!

Well... that's my 20 of my 25th year! Here's to hoping that 26 is another year of joy and excitement. Baby U is arriving in a little over a month if we go to term... how crazy is that???!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The 6th Annual FDOC

When I turned 21 back at KU, one of my best friends and I started celebrating the Fourteen Days of Celebration (which signified the 14 days between her birthday and mine). We figured that instead of celebrating 2 days of out the month... we'd just carry it on for 2 full weeks.

Now, the FDOCs have always been great times of joy and entertainment for us. For example, 2 years ago, I made a vow to drink at least one alcoholic beverage per night during FDOC. Minus about 3 nights, I think I actually did it, too. The other great thing about FDOC is that it is almost always celebrated with one big house party toward the end of the 14 days. Pretty much the FDOC parties have been the highlights of the party season for me for about 5 years now. There was the one where Jose proposed to at least two people... and the one where Scott said he could drive even though he couldn't walk because driving was just "sitting there"... the one where Kimmy & I wore mistletoe all night and competed to see who could get the most kisses... the one in college where both Ray and I got to flirt with one of my ex boyfriends who was looking extra hot that evening... and really I could go on and on. Generally the parties bring out fun people from all stages of Ray & I's lives and it's great watching old friends and new friends mix into one big ball of partying funness!

Well we are about 8 days into the FDOC this year, and I must say I'm just slightly dissappointed. We've had a few good times... and a few fun times in the last week... but overall, the general fun-factor of FDOC has been down. (Now... I would mostly blame this on the fact that both Ray and I are married now and I'm carrying a child so the drinking part and spending lots of money part has gone by the wayside... but still... we should be having more FUN.) We're only turning 26 for goodness sake! Some 26 year olds are still out there in the bars every weekend.

So anyways... I'm blogging to tell you that there is a GIANT party this Saturday at Ray's house. And it's going to be darn fabulous even if I can't drink or kiss lots of boys or move quickly to avoid a head-butting drunk Jose (he he he he)... because a LOT of you can still do all of those things and I will have great fun watching you. And if you CAN come to Wichita to have a fabulous time with us, then I encourage you to do so cuz FDOC is just not FDOC without our big crazy party and all our crazy crazy friends.

And if you can't come... you better have a darn good excuse like... your dog ate a poisonous snake and had to go to the hospital because he suddenly started biting people and making them die cuz his DNA was transformed by the snake's DNA that somehow leaked through his stomach into his bloodstream. Or like... you recently won the lottery and are now forcing yourself to live abroad on your own private island for 6 months while you count each dollar and cent given to you because you never trusted those stupid lottery people anyways. Or some other such excuse.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Advent and Pregnancy

So it's like super duper awesome to be pregnant during Advent.

I mean, it's like everytime I start to get annoyed with how giant my stomach is getting, or how much the baby is kicking me, or how awkward I'm starting to feel... I just think about the fact that by this time in her pregnancy Mary was preparing for a super long trek by DONKEY to Bethlehem. I mean... yikes! THAT would be unpleasant when super preggo.

Plus, it's also pretty neato to be anticipating the birth of Christ at the same time I'm anticipating the birth of Baby U.

Advent is cool.

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas Day!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Chorus of Awwwwws