Monday, April 25, 2005

The boyfriend met the parents

Andrew met my parents yesterday. Let me just tell you how crazy my boyfriend is. He not only decided that he had to meet them soon, but he also decided that he wasn't going to be nervous about it. He called me up Saturday morning and said "I think we should go meet your parents tomorrow."

Now, I had not suggested this or urged this really at all. I wanted him to meet them of course, but I was in no crazy rush. But Andrew was having none of it. He wanted to meet them when we had a free weekend and that weekend just happened to be this one.

The most baffling part of the whole visit was that Andrew wasn't nervous... my parents weren't nervous... but I was freaking out like never before. It was like our first date all over again only now I was worried that there would be awkward silences between he and my parents instead of him and me.

But, my worries were for naught. He clicked with Ma and Pa just as well as he clicks with me. They laughed and joked and didn't seem weird together at all. It was really fabulous. And I just talked to my mom and few minutes ago and they think he's just great.

How awesome! How exciting! How fabulous!

I've been feeling lately like I'm growing up super fast. I mean, I'm really really happy about everything... but it's just a little bit whirlwind even for me. Does anyone have any advice on how to handle being this happy?

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Baby... I'm coming home!

This is my last post from Chicagoland, and to be quite honest, I probably should be studying instead of writing it. I have 2 tests tomorrow morning. If you guys happen to be reading this between 8:30 and 10:00 am on Friday, say a little prayer for me cuz I'm testing like a mad cow.

Chicago has been fun, but I'm so ready to come home. I'm officially more of an adult than I was before I left. I just spend 2 whole weeks with complete strangers in a new city by MYSELF. If that's not adult then I don't know what is. YIPPEE!

I'm actually pretty excited to get back home and be a bit of a kid again.

My flight departs at 5:30pm tomorrow evening and I'll be back in Kansas by 7:00. I'm still a little freaked out about flying, but at least on this trip I know the two girls on the plane from KC who have been in my class the last 2 weeks. Friends on the plane!! YEE HAA!

Alright... so seriously... I've got to get back to studying but I love you guys... and I'll see you in less than 28 hours. YEAY! HIZZAH! YIPPEEE!

So long Chicago... Kristi's going home.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Recovering Hugaholic

I sat in Mass this morning (at 7:30am) and something struck me. -Don't worry, it wasn't like a person or a bolt of lightning or anything.- It was the realization that I have not hugged or been hugged in an entire week!!!!

If you are a frequenter of the Daisy House, or if you've known me for very long at all, you know that I LOVE HUGS. They are without a doubt my favorite things in the whole wide world. It was strange to me this morning when I realized that I hadn't experienced one in a really long time. I think I noticed it during the sign of peace. This dear old man in front of me turned around and as I shook his hand and said "peace be with you," his eyes just sparkled and he winked at me. It was wonderful.

Why was it so wonderful? It was like a mini hug between our hands. I felt like he was a fellow Catholic who was happy to see me in his community and he made me feel all happy and cozy... like hugs do.

I feel a little bit sorry for those of you who will see a lot of me next weekend. You may feel like you have a growth because I'll probably hug you a lot. :)

And that's all I have to say about that.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Chicago - Week 1 Complete!


Hello friends, neighbors, acquaintances, buddies, roommates, future husbands, haters, and everyone else! How are things going in your neck of the woods?

After 5 days outside of Kansas, I find myself doing much better than I had expected. My training class is going remarkably well. I'm learning a lot and having tons of fun with really crazy people from all over the Midwest. There are Iowans, Minnesotas, Illinoisians, and Wisconsonians. We have 8 girls and 5 guys in our class and of those 13, there are 8 of us in the hotel.

My hotel pretty much rocks. They provide free hot breakfast and free hot dinner on monday-thursday... plus we have full kitchens in our rooms. It's kinda odd to think how much money Hertz is investing in me already. Being Corporate Rocks!

I haven't gone out to see the city yet. We have big plans for the weekend though. There are 2 girls from Kansas City and I think I'm going with them this weekend to see the sites. It should be a grand ole time.

I found out a couple nights ago why God's timeline put me in Chicago this week. There was someone in my training class who needed some support... and fortunately enough, it dealt with something that I'm very passionate about. So God rocks my face off as much in Chicago as he does in Kansas. He also happened to put this ministering type opportunity in front of me on the same day that I decided to go to Daily Mass. Yeay for extra grace!

All in all... things are good here but I do miss home. I miss having my awesome Catholic community all around me. I miss my roommates and my friends and my boyfriend like CRAZY. I've talked to all of them nearly every night... but it's amazing how much stuff you miss out on when you're not living in the same city.

Anyhoo... I love you lots and i'm praying for you! Have a wonderfully fabulous weekend!!!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Chicago - Day 1

Hey all,

I have arrived safely in Chicago. Though I cried much in anticipation of my flight, everything went well once I was in the air. I got to sit between 2 11-year olds who were flying by themselves. It made me feel a bit braver.

Then I had to hassle with Chicago traffic. No one drives the speed limit here and it seems like the have a toll booth every 3 miles. But at least it was a Sunday afternoon so not too many people road-raged at me.

I'm now sitting in my hotel room chilling out and hoping that the i,k, and 8 on my keyboard keep working (they weren't working at first). :) My hotel room is nice. It's a 2 bedroom suite with a fireplace and a full kitchen. I have a roommate from Minneapolis named Jen and she seems pretty cool. It's nice to not be completely alone.

I miss all of you terribly already. So if you get a chance, drop me an email so I can stay connected.

And also... a special thanks to all of you who were in on my airplane carepackage. That was the sweetest thing ever!!!

Until tomorrow... Kiki OUT.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

She's All Growns Up

Before this post goes any farther... let's all say a prayer for Pope John Paul II.

Just like Lisa mentioned on the Daisy House blog, I too did not understand how wonderful this man was until I saw him at World Youth Day in Toronto. Every time I saw him bless one of my fellow young adults, my eyes were flooded with tears. He has spent his entire papacy loving the whole world. He's traveled more than any other pope ever. He speaks so many different languages that there's hardly a group of people in the world who need an interpreter to understand him.

I love Papa, and I pray that God relieves his suffering and his burdens and his sacrifices here on this Earth and finally brings him into the Glory that he has always strived to reach. I'm so excited for him that he'll finally get to meet Jesus and Mary and all of our wonderful Saints in Heaven. I pray too that in his final few hours or days, that each of us who love him so much may take a bit of his suffering away from him. Let us experience some of his pain so that he may die in peace. God, please grant him peace and joy in his final hours. And protect your Church as we struggle to lose such a wonderful leader. Amen.


In reference to the title of this blog... I leave for Chicago tomorrow. I'll be there for 13 days, and it's a trip that's starting to make me feel like a real actual adult. It's bizarre to me that I'm spending today packing up a whole slew of business clothes for a business trip. Only big people go on those. Um... I guess I'm a big person now, though I still frequently feel about 15. As for flying, I'm still freaked out a little, but I'm a lot better than I was a few weeks ago.

I'm going to have a laptop with me in Chicago, so I'm going to do my best to keep in touch and update my blog with stories of Chi-town and new job training.

I'll miss you all lots and lots and lots... and if you're a Wichitan, I'll see you somewhere around April 15th when I return.

Love and Hugs to All of YOU!