Monday, December 27, 2004

What a year!

What...a year? Yes, everyone, it has been a year! And so it has been requested of me to sum things up with a top 25 list. (Lisa, dear roommate, I know that you are of the opinion that I list things FAR too often on this blog... but really... the year end one is kinda important, don't ya think?)

So without further ado... and in no particular order... the top 25 memories/events of Kristi's 2004:

1) Valentine's Day dinner with the neighbor boys
2) The Drama associated with de-crushing myself (see numbers 7, 9, 15, and 17)
3) Parties! - Luau in May, Therese Party in October, Thanksgiving dinner in November and Giant Birthday Bash in December
4) TeePeeing the neighbor's apartment while they were out getting us alcohol
5) The Fourth Annual 14 Days of Celebration
6) The Great Country Getaway of 2004
7) Ryan moved and I recovered from the worst infatuation in Kristi-history
8) Concerts, concerts, concerts! - Mercy Me, Alabama, Sara Evans/Jeff Bates, Clay Aiken, Martina McBride, Rascal Flatts/Chris hotty Cagle/ Julie Roberts, plus the summer Music Theatre Series
9) Raging at my friends after the none-so-pleasant episode of ridding the final crush from last year (the Bee) because the friends knew way more info than I did (sorry about that yelling, guys... I think I've fully recovered from that one if you have any other secrets that you should let me in on.) ;)
10) Meeting Lisa and finding out she's one of my best friends
11) Discovering how awesome it is to hang out with Priests (especially the ones who we spend time with because they're crazy!)
12) Spontaneously roadtripping to Indiana on Fourth of July Weekend with Leelee
13) Going to Dallas with Kim and Lisa just to see the Therese movie!
14) The beginning and continuation of Rosary nights and all the awesome people Mary has brought into my life because of them.
15) Learning to deal with the fact that I crush on every guy I meet for at least a short amount of time and realizing that I need to just mellow out for a few weeks til I decide that I don't like him like that or until I remember that he likes my roommate. (You're pretty, roommate... I love you!) ;)
16) Loving and Hating my job at the very same time.
17) Meeting Jose... dating Jose... not dating Jose... staying friends with Jose... flirting with Jose... talking with Jose... still friends with Jose (yes... that is chronological order)
18) Weddings and Engagements: Dan & Stephanie, Alicia & Andrew, Tom & Kim, Katie & Adam, Liz & Dan, Rachel & Randy... and the list goes on.
19) The joys of Karaoke with my brothers, Kimmy B and all my crazy friends.
20) Kimmy B's heroic display of empathy when she spilled water on her pants so I didn't feel so self conscious about mine when the stupid flower man dumped water on me at the karaoke bar.
21) Moving into the Daisy House!
22) Having the MOST fun Christmas that I've had in a really long time.
23) Reading the crazy, humorous and anger-filled comments on some of my blog discussions this year.
24) All the drama that is my job... including the coworkers that I love, the bosses that anger me, the position that cannot be defined, and the stuff that I wish I didn't know.
25) Valerie. Because darn it... she's one of my bestest friends and she just HAS to make the top 25 even if I don't get to hang out with her a whole lot anymore.

There you have it. Like last year, it is highly likely I've forgotten some fun and important stuff... so feel free to jump in with those.

Monday, December 20, 2004

It's my birthday.. and I'll blog if I want to

And I don't want to.

But thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Big Party Saturday

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We're having a big party on Saturday and I'm super excited. If this year's Birthday Celebration can beat last year's... then this year's is gonna rock my face off, man.

Last year I got a free dinner at an AWESOME restaurant for me and 15 friends... I got to karaoke my fav songs and hang out with my rocking neighbor... and to top it all off I got kissed by 4 guys simultaneously. Wow.

So if you want to come have a blast with us this Saturday, just ring up the Daisy House or send me an email... and I'll give you the scoop.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Day 6 and Counting!

Welcome to Webster's definition of "sexy".

Hello Guys and Gals!

Welcome to Day 6 of the 14 Days. So far this week, I've fixed a broken car and had a drink, had people over for praise and worship and had a drink, gone to Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and then went out for a drink, went to Theology on Tap and had drink, ate authentic Peruvian Food cooked by the Magnificent Jose and had a drink, and, tonight, I just returned from the RASCAL FLATTS/CHRIS CAGLE CONCERT.. and realized... I had not yet had a drink.

I was feeling a bit upset that I was about to break my drink-a-day 14 days vow... so Lisa and I just took a mini-shot of Apple Vodka. Oh the burn... the sweet sweet burn. (Actually it was a bit painful and icky... but accomplished its task, nevertheless, of continuing the trend of a-drink-a-day during the FDOC.)

As for the concert tonight, I'd give it about a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. I dare to say that despite the fact that I knew the majority of Rascal Flatts songs... I liked Chris Cagle's stage presence MUCH more. And Chris was pretty much the dictionary-definition of sexy (and I don't frequently dub guys by that name.)

I think I'll place this concert third behind Clay Aiken (cuz I love him), and Alabama (cuz they're just classic and amazing.) I may have to put the Live/Counting Crows concert above Rascal Flatts too.. but that one was a while back so I'm not sure if it beats them or not. And if we're going by over all experience and crowd attractiveness... then Rascal Flatts is number 1! (Because HELLOOOO cowboys!)

I don't feel like myself tonight. I think normal-everyday Kristi would not be saying such things about the sexiness of singers and concert-attendees... but Kristi during the FDOC is a little bit different, a little bit more crazy, a wee bit more anticipatory!

Hmmm.. I am now done babbling. We are having a big party on the 18th!! Wanna come???

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Fourteen Days Of Celebration

I didn't think this much fun could be had in Wichita! But this weekend, and what's to come has proven and will prove me wrong, I'm sure.

Yesterday marked the beginning of the 3rd annual 14 Days of Celebration. In case you don't know what they are, let me sum up.

My great friend Ray Ray turned 21 on December 6th, 2001. I turned 21 exactly 14 days later on December 20th, 2001. So we decided that instead of just having 2 birthday celebrations... we were gonna have 14-days worth of CELEBRATING!

We've been doing it ever since, and, frankly, it rocks!

That being said... we sorta started the 14 days a couple days early this year.

I went out on Saturday night. (I know.. it's a shocker.. I WENT OUT!) Well.. Lisa and I went out and met Ray and Randy and Sandy and Greg and it was FUN. We at dinner at Whiskey Creek... and eventually made our way to Biggins which was FABORIFIC. I flirted like a mad cow with this guy that Rachel knew.

Side note: Kristi doesn't really get drunk from drinking, she gets drunk from being around guys. (Case in point: drunkeness comes from attitude not alcohol when you drink as little alcohol as I do it seems.)

Okay.. back to the story at hand. Met boy, flirted with boy, invited boy to GIANT BIRTHDAY BASH, ran into ex-boyfriend, chatted with ex-boyfriend, invited ex-boyfriend to GIANT BIRTHDAY BASH, ran into another friend, sat and drink with other friend, invited other friend to GIANT BIRTHDAY BASH.

Right... so anyways... GIANT BIRTHDAY BASH should be interesting to say the least.

:) I feel like Bridget Jones. :)


Friday, December 03, 2004

Days go by...

Alright... so I'm a few minutes late with the grand announcement of this season's theme. But I've just spend the last 2 hours chilling out with Lisa discussing hopes and dreams and guys and all kinds of great stuff. I love girl-talking. It's fab.

Besides, I needed to keep you guys waiting for the theme because that's sorta the whole point.

Let's review... we've experienced much crazy new life stuff in the past few months: engagements, babies being made, people moving around the town and the state, etc. etc. Many things have been happening in the Fall of Making it Happen. And while, all of these things are new and good, I think that the fruits they will bear have not yet been completely seen.

And so, great wonderful people, in the spirit of Advent... I officially dub this season...


What are we anticipating? Many great things... babies, marriages, springtime, and lots of awesome stuff that we cannot yet know about. It's all very exciting and hopeful and happy.

I love you and goodnight!