Thursday, July 29, 2004

Welcome to WeirdoLand - Look out for the Wild Kristi's

Hi Everyone!

This blog is to inform you that I am weird.  It is quite possible that most of you were aware of this from previous posts... but today I feel the strange need to point out two very obvious reason why I am weird.  I merely think these reasons make me weird, cuz everytime I tell someone about them, they say "you're weird." That seems like a pretty good indication, don't ya think?

Here ya go:
Kristi Oddity Numero Uno:
I HATE cooked fruit.  I will not eat pie, jelly, cinnamon apples, or anything else that takes perfectly good fresh fruit and turns it into a squashy sticky icky mess.  Okay.. I take that back, I've reached the point in my life when I can handle a Fig-newton type granola bar or a PopTart now and then... but for the most part.. cooked fruit is HIDEOUS.  Give me dead cow, give me raw veggies... but PLEASE, for the LOVE, do NOT GIVE ME COOKED FRUIT!

Kristi Oddity Numero Dos:
I am seriously and utterly afraid of talking on the telephone.  Hmmm... well that's not EXACTLY right.  I'm afraid of awkward silences on the phone, and for that reason, I do not believe in talking just to talk.  If I call someone, it is almost always and without a doubt for some reason. Calling to talk is gross and stupid and scary.  Face-to-face talking is fabulous.  Internet chatting is fine. But the thought of talking on the phone is horrifying.  Phones are stupid. :)  (this generally doesn't apply when I'm at work, cuz there's always a reason to call or be called when there... and there are a few people that I can talk to on the phone for hours, but even with them, I hate trying to find a way to end the conversation cuz I'm not sure that can ever NOT be awkward.)

********************SPECIAL PROPS*****************************
Happy Birthday to the LOVELY KIMMY B!!!!  Friday, July 30th, is her birthday.  I LOVE YOU KIMMY B! YOU ROCK!


Happy Belated Birthday to the MAGNIFICENT KYLE of He turned 21 on July 28th! Happy gambling this weekend, darlin! 

Sunday, July 25, 2004


Well, it's Sunday night. And it seems like I've been prone to writing something on Sunday nights.  Can I just first say that I'm a little dissappointed in your lack of captions on my last post? Actually... I'm not all THAT dissappointed, cuz I couldn't have thought of a very funny caption either... but seriously people... YOU'RE supposed to be funny! (er something.)

I think this evening will be a night of random equations.  It seems more fun than just a regular "Kristi Update" which I haven't done in awhile.

1)  A lonely Friday night
+ a telephone
+ a boy named Dan from Iowa
 = 4 hours of fabulous conversation

2) A Saturday evening in Missouri
+  my crazy brother and his g/f
+ a karaoke bar where there are way too many good singers
= a new level of humility at my singing abilities

3) A sense of loss at everyone moving
+ all of my friends being out of town on vacation
+ a really awesome boy from Iowa
= Kristi really wants a boyfriend again soon

4) A Sunday evening
+ nothing to write about
+ no drama in my life right now
= a fairly stupid blog (sorry, folks!!!)



Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Tallpole and Weathernerd illustrate something for us in this picture... How about you fill in the caption? Posted by Hello

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Do you need extra credit points?

So most girls have at least vague descriptions of our "ideal" guy.  You'll probably most frequently hear things like "he's sensitive", "he has good sense of humor", "he listens to me," etc.  But, I've been thinking.  It seems that a lot of us girls are all looking for about the same thing in a guy to date... and I'm sure there are plenty of guys out there who think they're doing a pretty good job of meeting those requirements.  And, yet, many of you guys still think "why don't I have a girlfriend?... I can totally be THAT guy."  Well, I can't answer that for you. Perhaps your "one" hasn't come along yet.  But that is neither here nor there.  Because this blog is about EXTRA CREDIT.  Here are list of 5 things that a guy can do or have or be that are not requirements of being attractive to the ladies, but are definitely BONUS points.
1.)  Playing an instrument. - A guy who can play guitar or piano completely melts me (and a lot of the girls I know.)  When you pick up that guitar and start strumming some soft ballad, we're just gonna go into "wow.. he's so awesome" mode.  Don't be disturbed if you look up and find us with our heads tilted to the side, a slight dreamy smile on our faces, and a twinkle in our eyes... we're just daydreaming about how fabulous it would be to cuddle with you.
2.)  Chivalrousness. - Some say chivalry is dead; but for those guys out there who have resurrected it, we're going to totally move you up on our list of "potential boys to date."  Opening doors for us, letting us walk slightly in front of you, not interrupting when we're talking, etc. etc. - Giant bonus points for these ones.
3.)  Something artistic. - This one goes right along with the whole playing an instrument thing.. but it's not exactly the same.  Guys that can sing, write poems, show their feelings when appropriate-especially in creative ways.  Guys who know when and how to be romantic always gain points with us.
4.)  Being a Guy. - This one makes me chuckle, because it sorta seems in contradiction to the last one. But a guy can gain some serious bonus points with us just by being a guy.  If he can build things. Or lift heavy things.  Open jars for us or fix our cars.  Just the fact that you do guy stuff (in moderation especially when we're around) makes you more attractive to us.  This even includes knowing stupid information about sports, cars, and growing stuff.  The reason this makes you more attractive is because you're supposed to complement the way we think. And since a lot of us don't know a a whole bunch of info like that, it's good to learn from the experts.
5.)  Confidence. - Some girls won't admit it, because they've dated too many guys with huge egos, but confidence is totally a bonus point.  When a guy is sure enough of himself to be direct with us.  When he can stroll up and ask us out without himhawing around til we have to make the first move... that rocks.  We want you to be the man.  You're supposed to be the man.  Please don't let the stupid woman's movement convince you that we want to be the forward ones.  That's just poo.
Well... those are my two cents for this Sunday, July 18th, 2004.  Have a good week!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Calling All Critics

So I need your thoughts. Is the new web page better or is the old web page better?

What do you like and dislike. And please, be honest. If you think that it looks like a pink elephant barfed on my page, then go ahead and put that. I've still got the old template saved, so I can go back if that's the consensus. Let me know tykes!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Top Ten Road Trip Happenings

#10 - "The Safe Place" - At a QuikTrip in KC, Lisa and I parked under a sign that said "safe place"... I think it was meant for kidnapped kids or something. Anyhoo, at this particular pit stop, we encountered 2 different guys who opened doors for us and many friendly people. Plus the cute man in the blue truck who smiled and chuckled cuz he and Lisa couldn't decide what car was supposed to go first in the parking lot.

#9 - Notre Dame - Touchdown Jesus, the Golden Dome with Mom on it, the amazing Church that was so beautifully painted , the neat statues and pretty grass. Most of all.. praying the rosary in the grotto that is modeled after Lourdes.

#8 - Getting to see C-Dub again after a year and a half. Chris is awesome and we had a blast carting him through the backwoods of Indiana and the scariest parts of St. Louis with us.

#7 - Finding ourselves completely lost in northeast Indiana on the way to Lake Michigan. And then reaching Lake Michigan long after dark when all we could see was something that looked a bit like the bay of a body of water with some boats and lights on it.

#6 - Eating slim jims, grape tomatoes, turkey sandwiches, pringles, kit kats, peanutbuttercups, sunflower seeds, licorice, Bruno’s Pizza in South Bend, IN and drinking TONS of Caffeine. (TONS)

#5 - Freaking out in the slums of St. Louis as we drove around frantically trying to find a hotel so we could watch the fireworks. We did not. We drove West instead and drank liquor at a bar near our hotel (very fun).

#4 - Finding statues of Mary and all kinds of little Catholic Churches along the way that we stopped to take pictures of and such.

#3 - The Winery in Bland, MO. The City was Bland… but the Wine was SPECTACULAR. And the detour off the main highway to find it was really fun and exciting too.

#2 - The way the rain always seemed to subside when we started praying. Especially the one time when a storm totally died down when we were on the 5th prayer of the Angel Novena (did you know that the 5th level of angels are the ones who control the weather?)

#1 - Visiting Dave & Busters (the bar) and drinking Chocolate Cake shots that totally made us buzz cuz none of us had eaten much all day since we were lost in St. Louis. Then walking back to the hotel and playing in the giant water fountain on the way and singing the Flintstone Theme Song and frolicking on the streets.


Perhaps you have seen some of the changes I've been attempting to make to this site as you have traveled here this week. As you may be able to tell right now, I've gone back to the old way until the MAGNIFICENT KYLE updates some stuff for me. Forgive me for the lack of posts and comments as of late. I didn't want to post just to have it deleted. I'll come back strong this weekend (if all goes well, that is.)

I want to do some updating on the road trip and such... but if you can't wait any longer visit Lisa's Website for a few insightful thoughts on the trip.

We had a blast (in a weird disturbing sort of way, that is).

Thursday, July 01, 2004

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!

This is gonna be a quicky cuz I gots to get to bed for tomorrow I shall embark on a very hastily planned and spontaneously exciting ROAD TRIP.

That's right, ladies and gents, tomorrow, I, Kristine Ann, will cram coolers and sleeping bags and junk food and luggage into a rented Dodge Stratus with my awesome friend Lisa Anne.. and we will be heading to the great state of Indiana.

What's in Indiana? POSSIBILITIES, friends, POSSIBILITIES. And what is this summer? Let's all say it together now, "THE SUMMER OF POSSIBILITIES." Good children... good.

Anyhoo.. the itinerary which really isn't planned at all potentially includes visiting Touchdown Jesus and the Golden Dome at Notre Dame.... chilling out in St. Louis... having fun times with my friend C-Dub in Lafayette, IN (I'll shall elaborate on the joy of C-Dub in a post next week), and many other fun and exciting things that a road trip can bring.

I want to wish all of you a wonderful 4th of July!!! Have fun this weekend... and if you get a chance... say a little prayer for everyone travelling. Cuz the driving part is really what I'm most scared of at the moment.

Later Gators!