Thursday, September 16, 2004

Little Miracles

I'm not sure if this post belongs here or over at Little Blue House, but you need to check out Kimmy's last post over there before we post again.

Anyhoo... I just need to share with you how wonderful and amazing our God is. Check this out:

So I knew last month that I would be moving into the little blue house with Lisa and Kim on September 1st. Unfortunately, Kim and I couldn't get out of our apartment list until October 1st... so that meant that I was going to have to pay rent at the apartmen, rent at the house, and an extra month's rent at the house as deposit. Needless to say, adding these three amounts together is equivalent to about a paycheck and a half of mine (and considering the past year when I've been in and out of jobs, I haven't had a big chance to create a savings account yet). So I was a bit worried. I considered borrowing money. I began to strecth dollars. I freaked out.

But here is why God is great. I really thought that He wanted me to move into this house. It just seemed like something that was supposed to happen, so I gave all my financial worries to Him. I figured, if He wants me to do this, then He'll figure out how to get it done.

Last week, just when bills were startin to go through and money was gettin tight, I received a 70.00 check in the mail from my insurance agency. It seemed that they randomly decided to call me a more valued customer and so they needed to refund some of the money I had paid them last month. I felt like God sent me a check!

THEN... tonight I went to find some furniture for my bedroom. I saw a pretty nice dresser and bedstand a few nights ago and since I got paid yesterday, I went to go buy them tonight. Well... it turns out that they were BOTH on clearance and I ended up paying like 50 percent less than I had expected.

THAT is how AWESOME our God IS.

Little miracles happen all the time and we're so rarely aware of them. I really walked around all evening with a giant smile on my face. God is so AWESOME!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Not that you need more Kristi blogs...

But my roommates and I have started a new one. It is named after our new house and you can check it out at Little Blue House! Give us a comment!


Sunday, September 12, 2004

I think I'm a ClayMate

Ah... the joys of marvelling at God's creation.

Teeny babies, sunburned kids, cranky parents, dirty old men, sweet old ladies, crazy carnies, happy people, sad people, pretty people, scary people...

You'll find them all at the Kansas State Fair.

Let me just tell you 'bout my weekend. Friday evening I fell in love (well... in a 6th grade sort of way at least.) I got to go see Clay Aiken (American Idol runner up) in concert at the State Fair. The moment he walked on the stage I just KNEW that he was the man I was going to marry. (Okay... so that's probably not true... but a girl can dream can't she?) The way he belted out Kyrie Eleison from the 80's and the cute little way that he hops about the stage (cuz everyone knows that skinny white boys can't dance)... sigh... he's dreamy. So, you can be the first to know that I am no longer Crushless Kristi... I am, yet again, Infatuated Kiki. And Clay is my man.

On Saturday, I was AGAIN at the State Fair. Only this time I was working a booth for my company. I got to stand under a canopy for 5 hours watching people spin our wheel o' prizes. And, seriously, there are ALL kinds of people at the state fair. I had a 13 year old tell me she was 18 so that she could spin the wheel. Her mom verified her age. And then she said (about 2 minutes later), "Man, a hot tub would be a great present for my 14th birthday... I mean my 19th birthday. Yeah.. it would be a great present for my 19th birthday." Needless to say, I did not enter her in the drawing.

After that little fiasco, at two separate times.. I had two older men come up to me. (I'd guess they were in their late 60's or 70's.) The first one asked, "Hey... do you come with the hot tub?" I was all.. ew... no... but I didn't say ew, cuz I thought that might be rude. Second old guy said "Are you one of the prizes on the wheel.. cuz yur purdy." Um. Thanks? Seriously, how are you supposed to respond to that? "Hi, I'm 23... I could be your grandchild. Does this NOT disturb you a bit?"

Anyways... life at the Kansas State Fair certain is a "WILD RIDE, BABY" (that's the theme this year for all of you out-of-staters.) People there are nuts. But I left fulfilled with an ear of roasted corn in my left hand, a rootbeer out of the barrel in my right, and the dream of kissing Clay in my heart.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Hey all! So my sabatical has finished and I've returned to the blog. I hope you all had a pleasant last week and a half. In exciting news, I am in a new house, with a super fast internet DSL connection, and everything is rather peachy at the moment. And, dearest friends, I'm feeling a bit inspired. Well.. okay... not really... I was inspired with the following inspiration about 3 weeks ago... but it wasn't time to announce.

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for...

This Season's Theme:

Welcome to the FALL of MAKING IT HAPPEN!

(don't worry if you don't like it at first... it will grow on you. It's grown on all of my test groups.) Hee hee hee... (they didn't know they were test groups.)

Anyways... this theme has many applications. Ya know all that stuff that you always say you're gonna do, but then you just put it off: (exp. losing weight, moving into a house, getting up on time, going on a vacation, proposing, etc., etc.) Well... THIS is the SEASON to MAKE IT HAPPEN. You have your mission.

Make it happen!

Good luck.