Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Champagne of Beers

If our honeymoon was a beer it would be Miller Genuine Draft: the Champagne of Beers.

But actually, that's not really true because I think MGD tastes like a monkey pooped in a can and they added fiz which is way gross… but I really enjoyed the honeymoon and it didn't taste like that…so I guess if MGD is good to most people and I thought the honeymoon was extra fabulous, then I suppose that makes them similar… maybe… or something.

Here are a few highlights of the trip for your perusal:
1) A mini cruise around Lake Geneva to see the wicked cool Mansions that rich Chicagoans build as summer homes. (One of the houses was orginally built with 75 rooms, a bowling alley and a dining room table that could seat 100 people).

2) Our sweet suite with it's Jacuzzi and fireplace.

3) Going to the beach when it was WAY TOO COLD to be there and having people look at us like we were crazy… which we are so that was cool with us.

4) Milwaukee Day - Vatican exhibit, neat restaurant called Gus's, awesome basilica where they just happened to be having Adoration, and the Miller Country Beer Tour complete with 3 free beers including Monkey Poop Fizz MGD… the Champagne of Beers. Mmmm.. Monkey poop fizz drink.

5) The Field of Dreams. Is this heaven? - No, it's Iowa.

6) Finding a B&B called "The Village Suite" on the way home in Amana, Iowa and being lucky enough that this one "Village Suite" was still available with last minute notice. Plus it totally had it's own living room and this itty bitty Jacuzzi tub that I think was made for that little Man from Austin Powers cuz there's no way that grown people can fit in it… well not comfortably at least.

Okay so there are way more highlights than this… but I'm bored of writing for the moment. To summup… LOVE Wisconsin, LOVE roadtripping, and LOVE my new husband.

Yeay for cheese!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Bee-Juice plus Pie-in-the-Sky equals


Hello friends, family, neighbors and the like,

I am not here to blog this week. And I shall not return to blogging until sometime after May 20th. I very much hope that you'll have a happy week filled with happy happiness.

I think that in order to keep you from feeling bored and unfulfilled, I shall give you a small reason to visit my blog even when I'm away. And that reason is this fun game:

Yeay for relieving boredom!!!

If that fails to keep you entertained feel free to start a betting war on the craziest/funniest/etc thing that Andrew and I will do on our Roadtripping Honeymoon.

I love you!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Katayloriot (Kat*Tay*Lor*Eee*Ot)

Tummy ache + relative boredom = Kristi making up words for the title of her blog that are made up of the names of the 3 remaining contestants on American Idol.

I have so far very much enjoyed this season of Idol. And I'm pretty happy with the final 3. Here is why:

1) Taylor: He can sing like nobody's business. He sounds a little like Phil Collins with his raspy bluesy voice. And he's very entertaining to watch once you get past that whole "does he have terets?" question.

2) Elliot: His voice is beautiful. He is so cute in his little short stature. He is the underdog and that makes me want to cheer for him.

3) Kat: If she could sing songs like "Over the Rainbow" every night, then there would be no doubt in my mind about her talent. However, I do not enjoy the way she flaunts her body on every show. I mean come on... she started out the season as this cute 20-something who learned to sing from her voice-coach mom. But now, it's like she's forgotten that her voice is enough to sell her... she really doesn't have to show boob in every show. Bleck.

Anyways... my pics are Taylor, Elliot, Kat in that order for tonight. However, I'm betting that it will be Taylor, Kat, Elliot and El will go home.

Anyone else have an opine?

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Life & Times of Mrs. KU

Hello ladies & gents!

I thought it was about time for an actual posting. You know... one not involving the wedding countdown or the wedding pics or the wedding reviews. Of course, this is a bit tough for me, seeing as how the wedding was only 6 days ago. :)

So I'm a wife now and it's pretty flippin cool. Each morning I wake up to this neat (though gassy) husband who is absolutely wonderful. I get to kiss someone goodnight and good morning and I have someone to pray with every day.

The reality of being married and living with Andrew really hit home last night when his sister came over for dinner. Hosting something together (even if it's just sissy for dinner) was like a REAL thing we've done as a married couple. The three of us ate some yummy quesadillas and then just chilled out in the living room. I found it to be quite enjoyable.

Quite honestly, Marriage Rocks! And we leave on our honeymoon in like 8 days!!!! YEAY!!!!

Love and hugs to all of you for making last Saturday so special. Thanks for the prayers, the hugs, the well wishes and everything else. You are fabulous!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A few pictures & a request

You can see a few pics HERE.

And even more pictures HERE!

And... if you were at the wedding, I've got a request. Let me know your top 2 or 3 favorite parts of the day. I'd love to relive it through your memories too! :)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Beyond Expression

There are no words to express what the last 4 days have been.

This does a really good job for now.

Maybe as the days pass, I'll be able to use my own words to express how blessed and humbled I feel.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Tired. So very very tired. But still super excited and pumped.

I have 2 hours left of work, then I pick up my wedding dress and head to Mom and Dad's House.

I'm officially not a resident of the Daisy House as of like 7:20 am this morning. It was rough saying goodnight to my roommates for the last time (other than at Mom & Dad's house) last night. We were all good during rosary. No major tears or anything. And we were all pretty good in the winding down time after the 30 Daisy friends who prayed had left our house. But then came saying goodnight... that was a little rough. I love my roommates. They are like my sisters.

I'm not stressed yet... should that worry me? I really do feel this peace within me. I'm supposed to marry Andrew. No doubts... no worries... just peace. Maybe I'll feel those things as the next 2 days pass... but I hope it stays like this. He's such a wonderful man. I'm very blessed.

Well... these thoughts are disjointed because though I feel that I've been sleeping, I must not be sleeping well. Hopefully I see a lot of you wonderful readers on Saturday. If not.. have a wonderful weekend!!!

This is Single Kristi signing off for probably the last time before I'm married.

With great big hugs... Keeks

Monday, May 01, 2006

Hey Diddle Diddle

So I should totally probably not be posting a blog considering the wedding is in 4 days... but what the heck fire! I've accomplished most everything on my list for today and it's about time for an update.

I take it that my lovely readers care not to comment on these posts. Perhaps you are bored by wedding planning... perhaps you are too busy to comment... perhaps you are just really not reading my blog anymore.

But no matter. I am blogger. Hear me roar... or don't... whichever you prefer really.

Let's see... 4 days to go... and how do I feel? Awful Dog Gone Good. Where did the dog go and why are we happy about it again?

I'm almost 95% packed to leave on Wednesday. Andrew and I have purchased many of the livations for saturday and i had a lingerie party on friday night which was flipping awesome.

It was like the last official girly night before I'm married and we had a blast.

Hey Katie, Kay & Sara... I totally introduced my college and after friends to our very special version of Spin the Bottle Truth or Dare. It seems quite a bit more risque now that we're a lot older. It was way fun!

The best man and a few of A's friends took him out drinking the same night. I think the girls had more fun chillin out at the Daisy.

I've nothing else to say right now.
So i guess I'll stop
Perhap I'll go write some thank you's...
Or maybe I'll drink pop. (But not really cuz pop sounds gross and I should attempt to get SOME sleep this week).