Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring Theme

Alright kiddos... I've done quite a bit of thinking on this matter. And though it took a bit of pondering, I've finally settled on a spring theme. I believe this season shall be...

The Spring of Progress

Kimmy and I had come up with a different theme a few weeks ago, but it didn't seem to apply as broadly as I had first thought... so I've decided on Progress instead. Andrew will graduate. School will end for my teacher friends. We'll get all settled into our new place. I think it will definitely be season of progress.

Good luck to you in making progress!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Four Things:

We visited my parents this weekend with Mia. It was her first long car trip. She did great! She slept almost the whole way up (minus 20 minutes of crying at the end.) And she slept the ENTIRE way home (minus 20 minutes of looking around at the beginning). It was lots of fun!!! In other news, packing is going nicely and we should be ready to move starting this Saturday. We're still looking for some help if you're not busy Sat. morn around 8a to 11a. Hopefully Andrew and I will have made a dent with moving the little boxes and stuff, but we just need some help with furniture, etc.

Okay... so Heroes is on Sebbatical again which totally sucks cuz it's like the awesomest show ever... BUT American Idol has once again fired up. I'm happy with 10 of the top 12 that got chosen... but I'm seriously upset about Sanjaya not getting kicked off in the first round. I will attribute this fluke of voting to the stupid, yet slightly funny, website - Votefortheworst dot com. I'm hoping that Sanjaya gets booted this week. PLEASE don't vote for the worst! It just ruins the show!!!!

Wow... so the presidential 2008 race is really getting some newstime now. I think Obama and unfortunately Clinton are the democratic frontrunners. I would MUCH MUCH prefer Obama if we have to have a democratic pro-abortion president. As for the Republicans, I've got no clue who's going to get the presidential bid. I'm pretty sure that as much as I love Sam Brownback, he's probably WAY too conservative and Catholic to get elected. Although there are a TIGGITY TON pro-lifers who love him. Andrew thinks McCain is the frontrunner, but I think Guiliani has a chance if he ever announces for sure that he's running. Who knows. What do you think?

Stem Cell Research
Check out this awesome video for more info: The Fr. Tad who is on the video will be in Wichita on April 28th to do a presentation at the Spiritual Life Center. You should totally come if you want more info! You can register at

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sometimes I thank God...

...for unanswered prayers. I heard this song by Garth Brooks last Saturday, and for some reason it really struck a chord with me. And the entire weekend was filled with reflections of the past. This mostly had to do with the fact that Andrew and I have started going through things so that we don't have to move everything when we move in 2 weeks. Andrew handed me four boxes of floppy disks and told me to go through them. And what did I discover? ... Pretty much every important instant message conversation or email that I ever had with a boyfriend or potential boyfriend from high school through college. Talk about a blast from the past! Not only did I get to reflect on how totally insecure I was back in the day, but I also realized that I'm quite the packrat. The good news is that I was finally able to delete all of these old things and get rid of the disks... the bad news is that I wasted a whole afternoon reading all of it over again when I should have been packing.

Just to give you a teeny idea of things I discovered, I'd like to share this picture with you:

This pic was taken the morning after Junior Prom... quite possibly the WORST night of my life prior to college at least...see here for more details: But the picture brings back about a thousand memories for me. Man... moving and going through stuff is tiring!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ode to Peter Brady

...okay... not really... but his rendition of "When it's time to change, then it's time to ChaNge," was the inspiration for this post. Ah... those Brady kids could really sing, ya know? And the dancing... let's just say if I had moves like Marcia Brady, there's no way I'd still be livin in 'Ta Town. "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"... has the name "marcia" totally stopped looking like a real name to anyone else? Weird.

And back to the point... in the next 6 months EVERYTHING is going to CHANGE. My closest circle of friends is morphing in extreme ways, and it's about to get very exciting. Here's a rundown in semi-chronological order:

1) Andrew and I are movin to the other side of town.
2) I'm goin back to work part time.
3) Erni is gettin hitched.
4) Lisa and Marianna are movin out.
5) Jewels and Lucas are havin a baby.
6) Ray & Randy are havin a baby.
7) Jose is leaving for Denver for grad school and a sweet new job (fingers crossed about the job).
8) Kimmy is leaving for Ohio to enter a super awesome order of Catholic sisters.

I mean seriously... can someone's best circle of friends change any more than THAT in such a short time?! The whole world is going to be different when September gets here and that's a little hard to swallow-(similar to those times when you're eating Doritos and you swallow one kinda whole and it scratches your esophagus the whole way down... I hate that!).

Anyhoo... do you know what this means? It means that I've got to have some wicked awesome themes for Spring and Summer, so it's time for this new momma to put her thinkin cap on. If you have any suggestions, I will take them. Let me give ya a quick rundown of where we've been over the last couple of years and why they wer fitting:

Winter of Love - 2003/4 - (Rach & Kimmy were happily in relationships)
Spring of Heartache - 2004 - (Rach & Kimmy were out of relationships and I got crushed by a crush or two.)
Summer of Possibilites - 2004 - (I dated Jose. Kim, Lisa and I started dreaming of the Daisy House.)
Fall of Making it Happen - 2004 - (Moved into Daisy. Tom & Kim and Ray & Randy got engaged.)
Winter of Anticipation - 2004/5 - (We all just knew we were prepping for something. I met Andrew.)
Spring of New Beginnings - 2005 - (Lisa & Jose and Andrew & I started dating, Kimmy got "the call" - i think.)
Summer of Clarity - 2005 -(Lis & Jos broke up, Andrew & I got engaged.)
Fall of Contentment - 2005 -(Period of happiness. Calm before the storm.)
Winter of Trust - 2005/6 -(Wedding planning, family issues & marriage prep got intense and scary.)
Spring of Harmony - 2006 -(Friendships were great, relatioship was great, we got married!)
The Rennaisance Summer - 2006 -(Daisy House ended. Everyone moved. Found out I was preggo.)
Fall of Feeling Funny - 2006 -(Pregnancy makes a person feel strange all the time.)
Winter of Wonder - 2006/7 -(Mia was born. Kimmy's definitely entering. Ray & Julie are both preggo.)
...and that brings us to now. What say you, friends?

P.S. Mia is totally cool. She's started smiling and making more noises (in addition to her usual crying, of course.) And she's just darn cute!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Only in America

Yesterday Andrew and I were driving to his grandparents house and this is what we saw:

At the same time that we left our apartment, our neighbors (3 doors down) were getting into their mustang to go somewhere as well. We were right behind them in the parking lot. Before we even got to the main street out of our apartment (less than 1/8 of a mile), the Mustang turned into the parking lot of a buffet restaurant. They had DRIVEN on a beautiful day to a BUFFET restaurant only a short walking distance from their apartment.


Sunday, March 04, 2007

New Look

As you can see, I've been messing around with my blog template. I thought this rain one was kinda sweet so I'm using it for now... but with all this extra time at home (when Mia's not screaming or eating, that is), I may be changing my html code even more often cuz I have some time to learn about it more.