Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Ash Wednesday

"Remember, man, that you are dust and to dust you shall return."

This is the phrase that Catholics hear as they receive the ashes on their foreheads today. If you are lucky enough to sit near the altar, you will probably hear it hundreds of times as each parishioner and patron recieves his ashes. But what does it mean?

Okay... so I'm dust. I'm not infinite. My body is not a permanent fixture. It changes. I'll die someday. Is that what it means? .... somewhat ...

I came from the ground. God made me who I am. I will return to the ground when I die. Is that what it means? ... that too ...

But what does it REALLY stand for? are dust...and to dust you shall return. In other words, I can do nothing good apart from God. In fact, I can do NOTHING at all apart from Him. If He was not thinking of me at this very moment, I would cease to exist. So, then, it MUST be about humility.

Everytime I do something good... it is not ME doing it. It is God doing it through me. And everytime I do something bad, I choose to ignore God. I choose my own will over His. I say "Yeah, I know You're the Creator of the Universe and everything... but this feels good to me and You probably don't care THAT much... so I'm just gonna do it anyways."

But check this out: Every time I encourage a friend and make him or her smile, that is God working through me (God is making your friends smile). Every time I work hard and get a good grade on a paper, that is God working through me (God gives you the ability to study, He gives you the will to concentrate). Every time I ignore the little things in life that bother me, and just smile throughout the day, that is God working through me (God smiles right through your eyes). You are a temple of the Holy Spirit. The Living Triune God dwells in your soul. You are His instrument. You are a part of His mystical body.

I am nothing without Him. I am only dirt and ash. A simple ash-formed being who ignores Him, and makes bad decisions.

But with Him, through Him, because of Him, I can be and do everything. Because it isn't I who is doing it, but He who is working through me.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Just one cog to another cog.

I seem to recall in my days of study, that in either my history class or my organizational communication class, we discussed how some people are just cogs in the workplace. They are merely parts that make the whole work. But I think a "cog" is sort of a derogatory word, and I think that people do not wish to just be a cog. They want to be making a difference or some such thing.

Well anyhoo.. I had a thought tonight. What if being a cog in the world was good? COG as an acronym could easily stand for Child of God. And we are each one of those. And if we are each COGS in this chaotic machine of a world that God has created, then we should be working together to make it work better.

Countdown to Lent... 2 days. Have you figured out what you're going to sacrifice for the next 40 some odd days? How wonderful it is to be able to unite our suffering to Christ's suffering on the cross during the next few weeks! Just think how amazing it is on Easter day to celebrate the resurrection. We're not only finally getting to eat that chocolate we gave up, or watch a favorite tv show that we've missed, but we also have the satisfaction of knowing that we have grown in virtue and will power over the lenten season. This is the time of year that He has given us to grow EVEN closer to Him. And we do it through suffering with Him. God is so Awesome!

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Welcome to the Cinema

Dim the lights... Open the curtains... and prepare for the greatest Romantic Dramedy of your life. **Cue the drum roll** in All Natural and Sometimes Whiney Sound, Directed by God... A Holy Spirit guided Film... Kee Kee Productions presents...

The Life and Times of Kristine Ann

:) So maybe I've blogged about this before... but the happenings of the past few days have been kinda movie-esque... so it's struck me that I shall blog again. I frequently feel as though I am living in a movie. Sometimes during my day, I will pause for a moment just to think how the last scene could have been a bit funnier or a bit more dramatic or a bit simpler.. or whatever.. but usually just funnier.

I think this is also why I drive my roommate nuts with all of my WHAT IF questions. I always like to see what the next scene could be before I actually act it out. Unfortunately, it seems as though the other actors in this movie of my life have not read their scripts or rehearsed their lines in the way that I hoped they would. OOPS. I think I forget that I am not the writer of this movie... merely the Starlet. :) Hee hee... I like being a starlet.

I guess to sum this little blog up, I just wanted to give props to all of you people who are the costars of The Life and Times of Kristine Ann. You sure do make this a very dramatic/goofy/fun movie-of-the-year kind of production. I love you whether you are a protagonist or an antagonist. Keep on Keeping On!

**And just on a side note. I actually had an opportunity to REDO a scene today. Like I tried to have a discussion with someone and it didn't go over well.. so I said "Kristi confronts Crush A about her feelings, TAKE 2"... the second take went MUCH better. Yeah for rewind and tapeover functions. I only wish I could figure out the PAUSE button.**

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Happy St. Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day. I think it is one of my favorite holidays. But I say that about like EVERY holiday so I guess maybe they're all my favorites. But Valentine's Day is so awesome. I mean it's an entire holiday based on LOVE. And LOVE is cool.

I do not have a date tonight. I do not have a boyfriend. I did not get flowers or candies or roses (Well.. I got a pack of M&M's from a guy at work... the package said "you're cute"... but he's married and he gave everyone a valentine... but I still thought it was neat.) But I LOVE this holiday.

There's so much pink around. And hearts are neat shapes. And everything is so sweet. It just makes me smile. I hope that none of you are sad or melancholy on this holiday. Do not worry about being alone.. cuz that should be happy anyways... since you have to LOVE yourself before you can LOVE anyone else. So give yourself a hug, a pat on the back, a piece of chocolate and say "HAPPY ST. VALENTINE'S DAY, ME. I LOVE ME."

Kisses to each and every one of you!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Flirt like you mean it.

You may think you don't know how. Perhaps you think that you're just a victim of it. Maybe you resent the fact that people call you a "flirt". Or maybe you've developed your own art of flirting.

No matter if any of these statements fit you, today I sit before you (or actually my BLOG sits before you) to prove to you that you DO flirt. You MUST flirt. And, in fact, if you never flirted, you wouldn't be who you are today.

Of course some of you are probably now thinking "Yeah Right!" Although, knowing who a few of my readers are, I bet there are some of you out there thinking... "yeah.. that's pretty right." Anyhoo... whether you think you flirt or not, you DO and it's a LOT more frequently that you would ever imagine. Allow me to ellaborate.

The first thing you must do is forget the idea that flirting is always connected to romantic relationships. As humans, we thrive on interactions with others. One of the reasons that we are such unique creatures is that every thing we say or do COMMUNICATES something about ourselves. Flirting is merely being a friendly individual who can put others at ease.

You flirt all the time. You flirt with coworkers, teammates, your boss, your friends, your parents, strangers at the mall. You flirt VERY frequently. In fact, you've been doing it for most of your life. EVen little tiny babies flirt with people. It's why we are so drawn to children and the cutsie things they do... they are flirting with us.

Flirting is a friendly smile. It's a pat on the back for a job well done. It's a wink. It's a laugh at the funny thing the cashier just said. It's SOOOO many things. And it's SOOOO powerful.

So to conclude, I think that you should accept the fact that you are a flirt. BE the flirt that God made you to be. Use your flirty skills to make the world a friendlier place.

--Hugs and kisses (and all of that other flirty stuff)--
The Keekster

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Peas and carrots

My life=vegetables. I confess, I am a queen of drama. I enjoy sauteed asparagus and ceasar salads. I like when the veggies are a little spicy or have a little extra flavor. I like when things are exciting. I have highs.. I have lows... but you know what? Sometimes peas and carrots are okay.

That's what the past few days have been. Peas and Carrots. Perhaps I have not blogged because everything has been pretty.. well.. normal. I've had a few highs.. I've had quite a few lows... but for the past about 48 hours.. it's just been NORMAL. and that's okay.

Tonight I went to a hockey game with a bunch of friends. A very nice boy bought me a beer... okay two beers... and we shared thoughts on life as massive men beat eachother to pieces with sticks on a sleight of ice. I like hockey... correction... I like the people I was at the hockey game with. I was very entertained and amused the entire night despite the very barbaric sport taking place a few rows in front of me.

Peas and Carrots kind of rock. Actually.. I'm not a big fan of peas.. but carrots are way cool. Did you know that juicers can squeeze all kinds of juice out of those little orange veggies? Weird, huh?