Monday, November 28, 2005

Now I get it.

Did you ever wonder why there are so many movies about the first time grown children bring their love interest home for the holidays?

I now know the answer. Because it's a MOVIE WORTHY situation.

Whether it's a family who is too crazy for your love interest or a love interest who is too crazy for your family... you're bound to have an adventure like you've not experienced before.

As you may have guessed, today marks the last day of a four day stretch of shoveling copious amounts of food into my face. Andrew and I attended 3 different Thanksgiving dinners with 3 very different families and, wowie, was it an adventure!

All of the dinners consisted of the basics... family, talking, turkey, potatoes, dressing, dessert, etc. And yet all three dinners were SO VERY DIFFERENT.

Dinner #1 with Andrew's family friends was really old-school. It was a big giant extended family dinner with kids and grownups and grandparents. And it all took place in a big old farm house. Then afterwards we all put together a jigsaw puzzle. It was fun and very Brady Bunch.

Dinner #2 with Andrew's family was very educated. Everyone at this much smaller gathering were adults... and a very thoughtful and intelligent adults at that. Conversations drifted from generic "how's it goings" to heated political discussions. I found myself a little intimidated and slightly unworthy of the amount of education in the room, but dinner was still super yummy and it was fun to pipe in every now and then when I had a thought worth spewing out. Andrew sponged the night away by soaking in just how well I could handle his family's thanksgiving.

Dinner #3 with my family. Now I got to be the sponge. Although everyone at my family's Thanksgiving were still adults... we are much more proned to act like children. The weekend started with my brothers and sister-in-law returning from the bar just as Andrew and I were arriving to the house (around 2:30am). It was follwed the next day with much yummy food... icky flatulence... "T.M.I. moments"... and lots of fun and laughter. We also threw in one heated 2 hour conversation debating religious and political issues. And all of that plus some card games was followed by leftovers! It was just what I expected it to be... because our holidays tend to take on generally the same pattern each year. I love our Thanksgiving. And it was fun introducing Andrew to the tradition of Joe and I arguing for extended periods of time about religion and politics.

It was fun and interesting to experience Thanksgiving in 3 very different families. I'm now very excited to find out how Andrew and I will mix them all together to create our own Turkey Day tradition when we have kids.


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Here, Peeve... C'mere boy!

I have a pet. This pet bothers the heck out of me. So I named him Peeve.

Do you know what he does? He runs around with the knowledge that life as a Daisy Girl can be a bit hectic. And he runs around knowing that I love to be around people. But he also puts all of his efforts into asking me "what's going on at the Daisy House?" "What are we doing this weekend?" "What fun events are coming up?"

And in my head... I say... "Peeve, you silly pet... do you know that you're fully capable of coming up with something fun and then inviting others to come along??? Yes... it's true, little one... you CAN plan stuff. Yes you can... good boy... good boy."

It's strange. Being on the Young Adult Ministry Board, and involved in SALT and a Daisy Girl sort of gives me the title of perpetual inviter. But it seems that now that I've taken on this task of planning events (which I DO really like to do by the way), no one EVER invites me to do stuff. I'm not saying that I'd have time to go even if they did, but it'd be nice, every now and then, to stop getting blamed for not telling everyone about every fun thing happening, and rather to start getting asked to do fun stuff here and there that I didn't have to plan or invite people to.

Overall, I'm not even that annoyed about this anymore... but I just thought I'd post it anyways. Lisa says she feels the same way sometimes. Ah.. the trials of Daisy Life. :)

Sunday, November 13, 2005


I'm so sick of the design of my webpage. I want something less pink again. But it takes so much darn work to keep all of my old stuff and still put in a new design. Boo and Hiss.

Kyle the great? Peter the genius? Anyone of my more technologically inclined friends want to help me out with this?


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Let the Contentment Continue


After over 2 years of discerning God's call and looking and searching and waiting for a position that really truly fits me... I FOUND MY DREAM JOB!!!

I am now the assistant to the directors of the Spiritual Life Center of the Diocese of Wichita.

Whew.. that's a mouthful!

But I'm so super pumped. I get to use all the neato gifts that God has given me like hospitality and writing and administration and serve His Church. How cool is that!?!


:) YEAY :)