Tuesday, October 31, 2006

One Week

Hello ladies & gents!

It is one week until election day and this post is here to tell you to get your butts out there and VOTE! Like my big brother said, even if you dislike both of the mainstream candidates, the least you can do is vote 3rd party to show your dissaproval for how the Democrats and Republicans are doing these days.

So i'm here to say: VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

Our generation is far too disinterested in the political process and it's kind of bothering me now that I'm married to such a politically-minded man. I don't think I've ever paid this much attention before to the candidates and what they're ACTUALLY saying. I even surprised myself yesterday on my day off when I was surfing through channels and I came across a recording of the governour's debate which was airing on some public access channel. I actually stopped and watched the entire rest of the program just to listen to Barnett and Sebelius's viewpoints. I mean, seriously, I could have been watching some program that provided much less thinking and much more entertainment, but I'm suddenly compelled to actually listen to our stinkin candidates. Go figure.

Anyways. I think you should vote. And if you don't make it to the polls, then you might as well stop griping about how bad everything is, because we live in a democracy people... and at least, in theory, we're supposed to be able to do something about how stupid our government can be!

Friday, October 27, 2006


I saw this on a friend's myspace and thought I would try it myself. I look like Kelly Kapowski! That's neat!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

GCG 2006

This is what chillin in the country looks like:

When the lights go out...

Something happened to me last night just as I was cozying up under my comforter for a long night's rest with the hubby. Though the lights were nearly out in the room, every light in my brain turned on. And perhaps to Andrew's dismay, I began to chatter... like non-stop... about everything, everyone and their brother because thoughts were swirling in my head. I mean I talked about like 12 issues in the span of 10 minutes and none of them had a whole lot to do with each other. It all started with a discussion with A on the role of "woman".

It is something I wish to share on my blog, though I'm quite sure it will receive a mad backlash from a good chunk of my readers. Part of the discussion with Andrew was even about how to present it on my blog so that it wouldn't offend... but neither of us could really come up with a way to do that... so anyways... without further ado...

Kristi's thoughts on womanhood:
It all begins with the question of equality vs. sameness. To be quite honest, I'm all for women having equal rights as men. Of course we should have the right to vote, we should have the right to drive, we should have the right to make as much money in the same kind of jobs that men have. I agree that our rights should be the same as theirs. So the state is, for the most part, doing it's job in striving toward this goal of making things equal.

Now for the controversial part... I do not think that women should be the SAME as men. And I think this is where society has messed up. In woman's fight for equality, she has compromised her role as a female and began fighting to be the SAME as man. Many women of today think that they have to abandon their femininity in order to be as good as or better than men. And I'm talking very broadly here... I mean you see it in the clothes women wear these days, the jobs they shoot for, the roles they play. But what saddens me most is that today's woman has basically abandoned something that is built into her. By virtue of being a woman, she is a nurturer...but she now longs to leave the home and make the big bucks in business sometimes causing distress to her family. By virtue of being a woman, she is an organizer... but she now longs to leave the organizing to underlings and go be the Corporate Head Hauncho. By virtue of being a woman, she is empathetic... but she now longs to impose her "I don't care... just get it done" boss-like attitude so she can keep up with Mr. Jones.

It makes me sad. And I'm not just sad for women. I'm sad for men too. Half the time we don't even let them be men anymore. They're built to be strong and protective... but women's liberation tells them women don't need that anymore. We have de-masculinized are men as we have de-feminized ourselves.

I think that if the sexes would embrace their naturally given characteristics and roles, we'd be WAY better off. We would again have children who saw a difference between Mother and Father. We may even have children who don't feel as neglected because both mom and dad are embracing their roles as man and woman and have time to spend with the little ones instead of fighting to see who could make more money to give the kids stuff.

Just to abate any arguments that may start from misunderstanding:
1) Read the first paragraph again if you're confused about my thoughts on women's rights. I am pro-equality!!!
2) I am not saying women should NOT work outside of the home once they have families... very frequently this is necessary both monetarily and mentally for a woman and her family.
3) I am not anti-woman or anti-man. I am a woman and I love men. I merely wish that more people in our society would stop ignoring the naturally given parts of their psyches.

Let the comments role...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday

Guess who turned 3 just 3 days ago?

That's right... it's MY BLOG!!!!!

I don't have time at the moment, but sometime next week I hope to post links to some of my favorite posts and discussions over the past 3 years. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to chime in.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Top 10

The Top 10 Reasons why this past weekend was ROCKTASTIC FABULOUS!

1) It was the 4th Annual Great Country Getaway
2) There's something about leaving the city and chilling out in the country for two days that is INCREDIBLY relaxing
3) My friends are fun and fabulous
4) My parents are crazy and cool for opening their house up to our shenanigans
5) Bonfire + alcohol for the non-preggos + Charades spells F-U-N
6) All the Men and OOOmen ;)
7) Lisa and Val felt Baby U kick!!!
8) Cooking a big breakfast on Sunday with my hubby and parents for 15 people made me feel all kinds of mom-like
9) Coyotes howling in the distance
10) Cut-throat games of UNO

So for those of you who were able to make it to GCG 2006, I'm so HAPPY that you were there. It was monster fun. And for those who didn't make it this year... the next one will be sometime next fall and it shall include a BABY! YAHOO!!

Love and hugs and I hope you all had as great of weekend as I did! Oh yes... and a BIG FAT GIGANTIC THANKS TO MA AND PA FOR THEIR HOSPITALITY AND OVERALL GOOFINESS! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

It's the end of the world as we know it!

Hello all! I'm mostly just posting because I'm sick of seeing the same thing on my blog every time I come to see if someone has commented.

Because of the homily in Mass today, I started thinking a lot about death. The Bishop was talking about this deep longing that people have to see Jesus and to be at one with Him and how he's seen that in many dying people that he's been around. Well.. it got me to thinking about when my cousin died our first year out of high school and how hard it was to lose him... but how amazing it was to be able to be there for his last few moments. Anyways... I was reflecting on how much of an effect death has on people. I don't mean the people who are dying... but rather the people who are left behind. I mean, life would be WAY different if death wasn't a part of it. I think it's a good thing even though it makes us sad, because if we're in the right paradigm of thinking, we get to see the joy and peace that death can bring to the one who dies. To finally be out of this world of sadness and pain and enter into a world of eternal happiness... well... just WOW.

Anyways... that's far too deep of a topic to get anymore into right now. Cuz I'm actually in quite a lovely mood at the moment. So onto other matters:

Baby U is rocking my world as of late. If I'm sitting or laying for any long amount of time, I get kicked and prodded from the inside. It's an AMAZING feeling and I quite like it... but it concerns me that child does not sleep unless I'm rocking him/her to sleep. Is this a foretaste of the crazy crying baby that I'll be holding in 4 months? Perhaps... perhaps.

Andrew and I had our first Lamaze class this week too! It was super fun being in a room with 5 other couples who are also due in December or January. We got to learn all about the mechanics of baby coming down the birthing canal and we got to watch that icky video that I hadn't seen since like 5th grade of a real live birth. I do NOT recall placenta being bigger than child... but man is that an icky looking sack of nutrients when it comes out. Bleck. Overall, watching the video made me cry cuz I'm soooooo excited to actually give birth to this baby. I wasn't really all that grossed out... mostly just excited and in awe. Can I just say that being a woman is like the coolest thing in the world? I mean our bodies are like super duper amazing! Praise be to God.