Friday, March 25, 2005

Sorry I'm not Home Right Now

I'm walking in a spider web so leave a message and I'll call you back.

Okay, so this is probably the longest I've gone between post in a super DUPER long time. I don't have a great reason, but I think that one good reason may be that I'm afraid if I post right now y'all will be sickened by my happiness.

I'm like the bubbliest I've ever been as of late. That is partly due to the fact that my last official day at the Mid America Network was TODAY!!! So I no longer have to deal with yelling people and unfun moral dilemmas and such.

But I'm mostly happy because someone else. His name is Andrew. And for those of you NOT from Wichita who already know this, he's great! I can't really say too much here about him, because once I start talking... it's very likely that I won't shut up for quite some time. Suffice it to say, his personality matches mine so wonderfully well that we even enjoy each other's annoyingness. (It doesn't happen every day that a guy comes along who actually enjoys when I'm manically giggly and happy.)

As for other things... I start a new job at Hertz Local Edition this coming Tuesday. I'm a "Manager Trainee". I'll be doing all the normal rent-a-car stuff, but I'm excited to be joining a national well-established company which offers me a few benefits and at least makes me feel a wee bit more secure about my job. Plus, next Sunday, they're flying me to Chicago for 2 weeks of training. I'm pretty much horribly terrified of flying, so if ya'all could say a couple of prayers for me, I'd be very much grateful. I'll be without my Daisy House people for 12 whole days... and I'm flying by myself for the first time ever. It's going to be a growing experience I'm sure.

Welp... I need to get on the road. I'm going home for Easter to see my amazing parents, my wonderful brothers and their fiance & girlfriend.

Just a side note... it's way exciting to me that pretty soon I might not be the only child in the family who hasn't brought someone home for a holiday. :)

Love you all!!! I'll update in a more fun way soon!! I promise!!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Ah.. Sweet Spring

Do you know what happens in the Spring? Daisies blossom.

Okay, guys... so it's like 2 in the morning and I'm still awake and still smiling ear to ear. Reading your comments to the last post were just about enough to make me burst.

But enough of this sappy happy snappiness... let's get to the point. The Winter of Anticipation has been good for us all. Perhaps we did not know what we were anticipating every moment of the day... but God knew... and He was ready to make it happen.

Things are changing in my life ALOT these days. And things are changing for a bunch of the people around me. So far, all of these changes seem to be good and wonderful and exciting. And the weird thing is... I had a pretty good idea of what to theme the Spring about 4 months ago, and it has just fallen right into place.

So without further ado (and in fact with as little ado as possible since i'm about ready to pass out from being tired)

... this SEASON'S THEME IS....


Take advantage of it! Enjoy every minute of it! Smile from your head to your toes like I am! Life is Beautiful!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Teekee Bon Mokee Bookoo

...That title is alien talk for something...

It's time to update, and there's so much to say that I can't even really think of where or how to begin. And for that matter, I'm not sure how much of it I can say right now anyways.

This past weekend was the first weekend in 5 in which I didn't have a darn thing planned. And for not having a darn thing planned... I sure as heck did a LOT of stuff. Here's a rundown:

1) Friday: Stations of the Cross, Movie night at Rita's, Game night at the Daisy House
2) Saturday: Slept in, BBQ at Danny's, Karaokeing with 20 friends at the Jukebox
3) Sunday: Tridentine Mass, Brunch with Young Adults, Pseudo Cozy Day Action, Red Robin for Dinner, Many people over for chatting and fun all evening.
4) Monday: Date.

Yup... that was the weekend. It was very busy for being so unplanned. But excellently fun as well.

And here's the best part about it: Something happened this weekend that caused everyone to spew their feelings out of their heads into the air and into everyone else's ears. We found out who liked who. Why they like that person. Who they used to like/date/drama with. Rachel spent an hour and a half Sunday night filling our new friends in on the drama that has happened over the past year and a half (you can catch pieces of it looking back on my blog... but she told the WHOLE story.) The story was filled with love triangles, boyfriend/girlfriend wannabes, massive dramatic fights, and other such matters. I think the new friends might be a little scared of us now. ;) Ooops.

In other news, I'm about as happy as I've been in the last year and half. And God is absolutely blessing my house and my life with unbelievable smiles and love.

**By the way... the spring theme is created and stewing. It shall be presented before 7 days has past***