Friday, June 30, 2006


Are you hungry for a piece of fat and juicy meat?
Eat my buddy here, you that he'll be quite a treat.
Come on down and dine on this tasty swine,
all you have to do is get in line!

Are ya achin' (glub glub glub)
for some bacon (glub glub glub)
He's a big pig! (glub glub)
You can be a big pig, too! OOY!

:) Okay... so that's quite possibly my favorite part of the Lion King ever. I mean c'mon... Timone in a grass skirt?! FABULOUS!! :)

Here's the real question though... why is it that when I have nothing to blog about, THAT is the song that comes to mind? Perhaps I need some bacon. Perhaps I need to Luau. Perhaps I'm just a little crazy.

Yes... crazy... hmmm.

Let's play a game called what's on my mind RIGHT NOW:

1) Work is over in 20 minutes.
2) The Daisy House will be no more in a very short amount of hours and that makes me want to cry a lot.
3) I haven't yet figured out what craving I'm having for dinner.
4) I think the last line of that song should have said "i'm a big pig... you can be a big pig too." because I find that eating makes me less sick so I tend to do it quite a lot (after noon that is because before noon, food just makes me want to vomit.)
5) I get to see my mom on her birthday tomorrow! YIPEEEE!

Kiki Out.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Is this normal?


Okay, so like twice this week I have had these crazy dreams in which I am like IRATE... LIVID... UNDESCRIBABLY ANGRY with random people in my life (or in my past life).

Like last night I dreamt that I spent about an hour just screaming at two of my guy friends from high school. They didn't really have much reaction to my screaming other than their usual "hmmm... Kristi seems mad for a stupid reason" reaction. But I'm very perplexed by these dreams.

Quite honestly, I can't even tell you what I was mad about because it's very strange but I think it had a little hint of me feeling oppressed about religion or NFP or breastfeeding.

Now the actual topic of the dream does not weird me out as much as HOW ANGRY I am in the dreams. Like... I'm never hardly ever that angry in real life... why is this happening in dreams lately? Last week I woke up from a dream of being super mad at someone and felt like my blood pressure was super high. I don't remember who I was even mad at in that one.

Anyways... it's freaking me out. It seems I have pent up anger and I don't know why. What's the deal with this?

Friday, June 23, 2006

Things that make you go "hmmm"...

I remember when I was growing up that my mom would ALWAYS say that the one time you look totally scuzzy to go shopping or to the grocery store, is the very same time that you're going to run into someone you know. It always seemed to work like that too.

Well... I have a story.

Last night Andrew and I decided to run some errands. Morning sickness hadn't plagued me at all yesterday until about supper time when my stomach decided to just start growling and feeling very odd. So... before we left for the errands, I informed my dear husband that I would be wearing my baggy pants and giant WSU t-shirt out. I left my fairly dirty hair pulled back in a pony tail.. and per usual... I was not wearing makeup at all. I did not look even remotely nice. And if you didn't know me already... you would have probably said "wow... that girl looks like she's been sick."

So hubby and I are moseying around Target's grocery section picking up some things for dinner the next evening. We were about 3/4 the way down the dried goods aisle when LOW AND BEHOLD someone turns the corner that I know!

She says "Hi, Kristi!!!" (big smile on her face as she probably realizes this is my new husband next to me.) In the half of a second that it took me to realize who she was, I also thought... boy I look like crap... good thing Andrew looks cute... I hope I can avoid an actual conversation.

So I heartily smiled and said "Hi!" to her and her son behind her...and we all kept walking in opposite directions. (PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE NAUSEA PILLS!)

Now... if this woman had been like an aunt... or a friends mom... or a coworker... or pretty much anybody other than who she was, I would have been 100% okay with looking like a big piece of smelly poop. But this particular woman was the MOTHER OF MY EX BOYFRIEND followed close behind by his little brother (who is like almost in his 20's now I think so he's not a kid by any means). And for some reason... this was an experience that I care not to repeat any time in the near future. And don't get me wrong... this ex's mom is like SUPER COOL. She was always very nice to me and so wonderfully friendly even after we broke up... but there's just something about looking like total crap in front of an ex's mom that makes me feel icky.

Can I get some agreement over here from some of you who've had a similar experience?

(By the way... as soon as we rounded the corner and I informed Andrew who she was, he was like wiggling to go talk to her and get the scoop about this former relationship. But I put the KAIBOSH on that one FOR SURE.)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

2 Sides of the Coin

Heads or Tails?

That is my newest impression of pregnancy. It's like a coin toss and you don't know whether to like it or hate it. The two sides of the coin that stand out right now are

Heads: Wow... I get a TON of attention now that I'm pregnant. I mean we all knew that I was way addicted to hugs before this... but I get so many more now. It's flippin awesome! Plus, everyone is all concerned every time I start looking green or puny or any other such thing that morning sickness tends to impart on my facial expressions. And attention for a child who is the youngest and only girl in her family is like STRIKING GOLD. I do love attention. And it's even neater attention than ever before because it's not even all about me... it's about the little baby inside me. So I don't feel so selfish for taking compliments or words of encouragement because it's more about the little one that me anyways. That part is neat.


Tails: I've always sucked at being sick. I'm such a stinking whiner and I just want to feel better RIGHT NOW. Well... pregnancy is pretty much kicking my butt in this area. I feel weird or sick or tired or moody basically ALL THE TIME. But mostly I just feel sick. I go from being unbearably nauseated to incredibly hungry. And it's gotten to the point that I'm afraid to go to sleep at night because when I wake up I will feel like poop all over again. I find morning sickness to be very humbling. I've tried home-remedies out the wazoo... I've prayed my butt off to get God to take it from me... and though it could definitely be worse than this... it's still sucking monkey butts. Plus... since we're only in week 6 of the pregnancy, I have about 6 more weeks to look forward to of this vomitty nauseous hungry stuff. BLECK.

So that's my story for this lovely afternoon. I say BRING ON THE SECOND TRIMESTER... this pukiness is for the birds.

Hugs from KU and Baby U!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

World Record Breaker!

*Havin my baby... what a lovely way to say how much I love you.
*Baby, Baby.. I'm taking with the notion, to love you with the sweetest of devotion.
*Baby I got your number don't you worry.. I say HEY.. baby I got your number.
*OOOOOOOO... Baby love.. my baby love... been missin ya.. miss kissin ya.
*Boy don't ya know ya can't escape me... oh darlin cuz you'll always be my baby.
*Babe... I got you babe... I got you babe.

Okay... probably not really a world record, but I think we might be in the competition for top 10 fastest pregnancies after getting hitched.

That's correct, my loyal and fabulous readers, Andrew and I found out for sure on Monday that we are having a baby. We're six weeks married and somewhere around 4 and a half weeks pregnant.

So I shall be joining the ranks of Pregnant Friend #1 and Pregnant Friend #2 on my blog roll as the third avid blogger in this circle to announce her pregnancy in the spring/summer of 2006.

My impressions of pregnancy thus far are... morning sickness is yucky, I feel sorry for my husband cuz I sleep a lot, and if I'm already worried about this little one as much as I am... what am I gonna do come February and I can actually see the baby??? But also... I love knowing there's a little person in me. I LOVE LOVE praying for him/her. And I think it's super cool to work with God in building a human being right inside my womb. Plus... my husband is cuter as a father than he was before... and I didn't even know that was possible.

Oh Happy Day... there's a baby on the way!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


So ya'll seemed a little disgruntled in those last posts. Let's all take a great big swig of happy syrup and move right on in to a better day.

I have nothin to say on this post. Well... that's not exactly true... a few of you readers are probably thinking of a few things I could say. But all in good time, my friends.

For now, let's just talk about my future niece/nephew who is coming in September. I have recently seen sonogram pics and let me tell you... this baby is CUTE with a CAPITAL C. If the little one's parents give me permission, I'll post a pic for you guys to see.

(Permission granted by Papa)

I think it's so neat that you can see babies like 2 months before they're born now. We have some pretty neat technology out there these days. It seems weird that a 27 week old baby isn't even born yet... and isn't even age "0" yet... but we can totally see him/her anyways.

It makes me ponder again how anyone could have a partial birth abortion. I mean...these kids are so obviously little people by that point that you can't even bring up the argument that the baby's not a viable human. So sad.

Well... that's all I got for now. Later, my dears.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Advice from the Newly Married

So I came to a realization shortly before I started dating Andrew that went something like this:

All relationships suck. There is no relationship, no matter how serious or "just dating", a couple is that will be fun all the time. Moreover, finding someone to be in a relationship with also sucks. This is because we very rarely find that one someone that we really need when we're actually looking for him or her. So basically... every single relationship you'll ever have until that one that's meant to be comes along will end in heartache or sadness or at least just suckiness of some form or another.

Does this mean anything at all? Yes... it means that there's very little use in TRYING to make something work or in TRYING to make someone like you. If you have to work TOO hard at doing either of these things, then it's likely you are not in the relationship that will lead you to ultimate happiness anyways.

Not that those relationships won't have their problems... because all relationships have some problems. But if you're working more than you're loving... then you might not be where you're supposed to be.

Just a thought.

Love and hugs to all of you out there still in the hunt. Let God take control and you don't have to go through the suckiness much longer. I promise. :)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

They call me Mellow Yellow

Quite Right Slip.

A bunch of DH friends and I were sitting around this weekend talking about changes. My good friend Jim said to me "You've mellowed out a LOT in the last two years." I think he's probably right. Before I met Andrew… and even few months before that, I just decided that drama was no longer worth my time.

Now, this isn't a statement coming from a small drama queen by any means. In my day, I was FULL of drama. And if it didn't exist in my life, I would find a way to create it. But somewhere along the way, I sorta started to realize that this drama all around me wasn't coming from all around me… rather, it was coming from within me.

I am now a firm believer that one can lessen the drama in his or her life by simply choosing not to proliferate it. If someone is bothering you… just remember that they won't bother you forever. If a stupid person of the opposite sex has made you angry, just know that you decide whether or not to actually BE angry. So many of our feelings can be controlled by simply making the decision not to let them get out of hand.

And let me tell you… from a former drama queen… life is SO much better when you just let it go.

So anyways… those are my thoughts for the day. I think it's pretty strange now that I not only do everything I can to avoid creating drama, but I also hate being around it when I see other people creating it. It seems like such a waste of time now that I can look at it from a more outside perspective. So to all of my wonderful readers who may still consider themselves dramatic people, I ask you to please just let it go. All will be fine and you're much better off if you can just say "eh… it's all good… I'm not going to worry about it."

Love and hugs from your resident Wichita recovering Drama Queen - The Keekster.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

I don't have any problems with any girls named Maria... so this title has really absolutely no relavancy to anything that I'm about to post about... and since I don't know what exactly I'm about to post, I suppose it could be about a problem called Maria but why would one name a problem that anyways? Unless of course Maria was an Almost-nun who just couldn't get things right until she met the Von Traps and decided to sing her little almost-nun heart out for fun and excitement but that is neither here nor there.

Today is June 1st. JUNE! And I haven't even named the summer yet. Fr. Jarrod said that it should be called the Renaissance summer... because it's a summer of change and transition. I don't hate that idea cept that I don't usually use words like Renaissance and I'm not even sure I'm spelling it correctly right now. So we're tentatively themed "Renaissance Summer"... but be aware that I hold full power to switch that theme at a moment's notice.

Wanna know something totally crazy... 2 of the neato burrito people linked on my blog announced their pregnancies this week: Congrats to Sara and Steph. You both are in the KC area... is there something in the water up there or what? Yeay for your new babies!

Speaking of babies... it's only like 3 more months before my first niece or nephew is born! Who's excited??!! I AM! I AM!

Hmmm... I know not what else to blog about. Life is starting to settle in to this weird normalcy. Like... I've got this neat husband to chill out with in the evenings, I"m not planning any major wedding-type events, and life is almost back to some type of "normal" for the most part. Maybe that means my blogs will get more exciting again. Perhaps we can talk about God again soon and get everyone fired up. I miss the crazy discussions ya'all used to have that made me what to pull out my hair.

Ew.. Hair.. I've GOT to cut mine. It is far too long for summer and I'm SICK of IT!

That's all.. I'm out.. if you're not too busy, give me a shout!