Tuesday, April 20, 2004

On second thought...

Although I feel very strongly and seriously about many things, to make my blog a bunch serious posts in a row, would be both uncharacteristic and unfun of me. Plus, as Nate and Mendicant have sorta hinted at in commenting on the last post... it is difficult to be fun and quirky when you're commenting on a very serious post... THUS

I have made the command decision to keep my serious diatribes to once a week post.. so we shall continue or perhaps BEGIN the discussion of society's corruption in a few days.

But... so that you have something to do at work this week when you're avoiding ACTUAL working... I've got 10 movie quotes for you *some a wee bit more accurate than others*. The first person to get all 10 right gets an ENTIRE blog dedicated to them or whatever they wish me to write about. Good luck!

1) A little precision, please, baby. Some people count... some people don't. Read it, I think you'll enjoy it. But make sure you return it to me, I have notes in the margin.

2) Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear.

3) Must go faster... must go faster. (this one was said by the SAME guy in TWO very DIFFERENT movies... If you can name the actor and the two movies, you get extra credit... but you get the answer right if you can just name one of the movies.)

4) That'll do, pig. That'll do.

5) I know you can be overwhelmed. And you can be underwhelmed. But can you ever just be whelmed?

6) I'll never let go, Jack. I'll never let go.

7) That's Julia's jacket. She took it off back at third street because she said it wasn't jacket weather anymore, remember?

8) How long are you guys gonna wait to call your babies? .... 6 days.

9) I gotta find this road... it's like BOB's road.

10) You mocked me once, never do it again! I DIED that day. And for all I care, you can die, too!

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Let's get serious for a moment...

A few posts ago, Nate commented on my post about NFP and also about my short blurb about the corruption of society. I plan to address both of these issues and many more in the following days... but before I start that, I first would like to direct you to this story that I found linked on another blog. Before we talk about the causes of our corrupt world, let's talk about the results and the innocent victims.

Tiny Tim's Story

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Friday Fun

Alright, kiddos, in case you're bored at work today... check out this website Subservient Chicken. It will keep you busy for a while, no doubt. Cornbread on KFDI (a country radio station in Wichita) has been talkin about it all week. It's great fun.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Stellar Day

Since nunya like to comment anymore, I just wanted to share a few boring things about life with you. I had like THE best day today. Let me elaborate.

1) Joe at work let me record my first 4 o'clock stock market report. He decided that I did it perfectly and he sent it to all of our radio station affiliates... and thus, I was officially broadcast on like 5 stations in Kansas at 4 o'clock today. I'm a radio personality!!! YEAY!!!

2) Bible study tonight rocked. We talked all about Humana Vitae (the encyclical on the sanctity of life). We had some really awesome discussions about birth control and NFP and the importance of marriage and the corruption of society. It was awesome.

3) I got home and found another freaky message on my answering machine. For any of you who have heard about my first "call" from God... this one is sorta similar. Cept this time I didn't ask any questions so I'm not to unnerved that our phone somehow has a message that sounds as though someone was calling out from our phone when no one was here.

4) Ryan, my former neighbor, called me tonight to tell me about his re-enkindled romance with his ex-girlfriend. Now, one would think that I would be sad about this thing, considering I was completely and utterly infatuated with this boy for like 8 months. But it turns out that I'm super happy for him. And I'm also happy that I'm one of the first ones that he called to talk about the whole thing with. Plus he alluded to the fact that he misses having fun neighbor girls.. and that's also neat. I miss him greatly, but he is so great and totally puts me in an awesome mood just cuz he was in one.

5) God is so AWESOME. I did not deserve an afternoon and evening so filled with blessings and smiles, but it happened anyways. I love days when God's love is so uberly evident. I wish I was holy enough to see it as profoundly on even bad days. That's what real saints can do. I so want to get there someday.

Okay... I LOVE YOU GUYS. Thanks for letting me share. Happy Thursday!!!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2004


I've been given an assignment to blog about shoes. I apologize for the blogging that ensues...

**side note movie moment **
"Now stop that rhyming and I MEAN IT... Anybody wanna peanut?"

No thanks, Andre the Giant, I'm pretty full after my Easter Lasagna and many gobs. Can I take a rain check on the peanut? Umm.. yeah... that'd be great.

Okay. Time for a game. We already talked about how your car defines you. This game is a bit like that... but with a twist. Instead of telling me how your shoes define you, I want you to tell me what kind of shoes you think you are. Are you comfy keds, bright flip flops, doc martins, 4 inch stilettos... etc., etc., etc., Welp, these boots are made for walkin... so let's get movin:

Kristi = Pastel Pink Keds
I think I am a comfy pair of well-worn PALE PINK tennis shoes. In general, I'm pretty comfortable to have around on a lazy day, but I won't work with every outfit (or in every situation.) People are bound to think you're a little odd for wearing me around, because i'm a bit quirky and weird. But if it's fun and comfort you seek... you can generally count on me. (Unless I'm dirty cuz I've been splashed around in the mud by my silly wearer who forgot that I get dirty pretty easily.) Also... guys generally steer clear of me cuz what guy wants to be seen with a pair of pink tennis shoes?!!.. unless of course he had accidentally turned me from white to pink by putting me in the washer with a red shirt. Stupid boys... always assuming that they can throw me into the mix with all their other friends...um I mean clothing... cuz I'm a better friend (piece of clothing) than I am a soul mate (favorite pair of cherished shoes). :)

***I'm not really bitter about boys right now at all... but it just worked well with the being dyed pink by a red shirt thing. And I sorta feel like it's the truth even though I don't care much at the moment.***

What kind of shoe are YOU?!

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

My LEAST favorite sentence EVER.

"We'll see."

Could there BE a more annoying phrase? I think not!!!! How many times have you heard this phrase when it actually meant "yes."?? "We'll see" actually means "NO, I do not like that idea and I hope that we don't ever see it happen." And besides that... why do people say "WE"... Shouldn't it be "you'll see"... cuz obviously the person saying it does not want to see it. So if they don't want to see what ever it is that they said we'll see about then they'd probably rather YOU just see it on your own and without them thus making the plural pronoun inappropriate and retarded.

Shall we trace the roots of my enormous hatred for this saying?
It began during my first real relationship. I used to be a very high maintenance young lady. If my boyfriend didn't see me at least once a day, well, I'd get quite upset and perturbed, to say the least. I think he started to pick up on this about the time that he realized that spending every day with me wasn't as great as he at first thought it was... and that's when the dreaded phrase started to appear.

A few examples...
I'd say "Can we PLEEEEEEEEASE go to a movie tonight?"
He'd say "We'll see."

I'd say "Do you think you'll be able to go to the park tomorrow?"
He'd say "We'll see."

I'd say "Do you want to come over after you get off work and watch a movie?"
He's say "We'll see."

UGH! I think that "we'll see" was the beginning of the end of my first love. Stupid phrase! So to this day, every time I hear that darn phrase, I just want to scream!!!! Don't say we'll see... Just say NO. Perhaps I will be sad, perhaps I will be upset.. but at least I won't be lividly annoyed! GrRR.

Monday, April 05, 2004


Today I have decided to tell you of my fascination with Holstein cows. (those are the black and white splotchy ones... in case you're not a cowologist or somethin)

I began my liking of the Holstein cow back around my senior year of high school. It was the phase I started just after my butterfly phase (when I wore butterfly shirts and necklaces and earrings and such.) For my eighteenth birthday I received a BUNCH of stuffed cows. And I had names for most of them. I still have many cow figurines and stuffed animals, but there are only 4 that have names and stories attached. Let me enlighten you.

I began my love of cows shortly after seeing a dead one in a ditch on the way to Church one Sunday morning. yes, this is strange. I cannot explain it... but it's the truth.

And, FYI, I am not a vegetarian. I appreciate the cow as much as the next person, but that doesn't mean I don't think God put them here for our survival and use. Mmmm... meat. :)

Anyways... I digress. Introducing the four stuffed cows that I still attach meaning to:

1) Edgar - This one is a tiny cow that can be held in the palm of my hand. He was given to me by my first boyfriend the day before my dad had heart surgery in high school. Joel (the boyfriend) told me that Edgar was a stress cow. And if I got nervous or stressed out I should just squeeze him or slam him against the wall. Well, since then Edgar has been through many situations. He sat in the hospital with me while my cousin was dying of cancer. He flew to Canada with me to see the Pope when I thought I would never survive the plane trip. He has spent the night with one of my friends who was really really sad about life and boys and college. He has been a good cow. I love him.

2) Buster - also given to me by Joel. He's a cow who looks more liek a human.. in the fact that he has arms and legs more like a little kid than a cow. He is a Gateway cow and he stands up to about my knees if I hold him up. He often gets posed in fun positions and he wears a t-shirt that I got in kindergarten that says "class of 1999". He is great fun to cuddle.

3) Boomer - named after another ex boyfriend. Matt gave me boomer as a surprise when I saw the little cow in walmart and flipped out at how cute he was. He's kind of a beanie cow so he's all floppy and fun to cuddle. He is my most frequently slept with stuffed cow. I like to take him on trips so that have something to cuddle when I fall asleep. Is it weird that a 23 year old still sleeps with a stuffed animal?

4) Pete - Pete's full name is Petunia. My awesome roommate gave me Petunia I think as a gift after I got my first job down here in Wichita. She decided I had too many boy cows and that I needed a girl cow.. so she insisted that Pete was a girl. (Now... yes.. Pete's full name is PETUNIA... but I still think he's a boy... but shhh.. don't tell my roommate.)

Okay.. enough about cows. You guys should comment on this blog cuz I like how funny and creative you always are. Thanks for being HILARIOUS commenters.