Thursday, August 26, 2004

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

8 Days and Counting...

Alright folks... so here's the down low, the scoop, the shizzle... here is why this blog may become a bit less than exciting over the next few days. Lisa, Kim and I are technically able to move into our new (rented) house starting NEXT Wednesday. That leave me 8 days (give or take) to pack all the stuff I've packratted in my apartment. But here's the prob, Bob... Of that 8 days you must subract the following:

1)rosary night
2)bible study
3)kim's birthday celebration
4)out of town
5)unexpected happenings.

That leaves me 3 days for packing (which isn't exactly true cuz they'll be some overlap of apartment living and house living) but nevertheless... i'm not gonna have a whole lotta time for blogging. So, upfront, I apologize for the potential lack of excitement on this page in the next week or two. Soon, I will have DSL and then, friends, it will be even more fun for me to write! WOO HOO.. say GOODBYE to Dial Up.

Anyhoo... comment as you wish. Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you 2 topics:

A) "We've had 3 themed seasons in a row: The Winter of Love, The Spring of Heartache, and The Summer of Possibilities. I've got a pretty good idea of what I shall name the fall.. but I'd like to hear suggestions."

B) Let's get political. "Reasons why George Bush/John Kerry should or should not be elected in November."

Monday, August 16, 2004



Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Modestly speaking

Seriously... is anyone else bothered by the new frilly-short-show-your-butt fashions that girls are wearing today? At the Catholic conference I went to this weekend, I saw a girl who was probably about 16 wearing a baby blue belly button bearing tank top and a frilly SHORT white skirt. It made me VERY sad.

I had a discussion with my older brother the last time he came to visit about how horrible fashions have become, and how they show how corrupt our society is. They also exacerbate the problems. I contend that if women dressed more modestly again, they would again begin to have more respect for themselves.. and in turn guys would have more respect for them. Well... maybe those three things are out of order. Maybe women need to remember how holy and sacred and special they are FIRST... and then they'll not want to dress like that.. and then stupid boys will start looking at us as people again and not objects.

I'm so sick of our society teaching young ladies that to be beautiful, we must show a TON of skin. It's so sad. Jason Evert (an amazing 25ish year old guy who speaks all over the country to teens about being Chaste) talks about how the whole low-rise jeans and belly-button showing shirts have GOT to go. Do these young girls not realize that the most sacred and special part of their bodies are their wombs. They will one day be able, with the help of a husband and God, to create a teeny human inside them... and THIS is the part of their bodies that they choose to flaunt.


Well.. I'm done ranting for now. Later folks!

Monday, August 09, 2004

So much to blog.. so little time

Heya folks!

I have much to blog about, but no time to do it at the moment. To sum up, I went to this AMAZING conference this weekend that totally helped me learn a ton about being Catholic and having an AWESOMELY AMAZING GOD who has a really cool Mom.. and all this other stuff too.

On top of that, my big brother moved to KC this weekend. So that was sad... but we had fun goodbye parties.

I did not sleep much, but I learned much and felt much.

That sums it up. I shall write more in depth and more excitingly later as time becomes available.

Until then... enjoy your week, find what you seek, and keep rememberin that it's good to be meek! (I just made that up... could ya tell.. yeah.. I thought so.) :)

Monday, August 02, 2004

Turns out I'm Schizotypal and Avoidant

So I saw this table on Sara's site, and I had to try it. Now we know what's REALLY wrong with me. Well.. that is if this test has any true validity. :) You should take it too!


-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --